Decentralized Voices Program - DragonStake Community

( Willing to be considered for Decentralized Voices program. We are elaborating our application. )


DragonStake undoubtedly serves as the cohesive force uniting the Spanish-speaking community. As pioneers within the ecosystem, we embarked on our journey early, spreading awareness long before Polkadot’s inception. We traversed the entire country, organizing meetups and tirelessly communicating the technology’s potential transformative impact on our lives. This early dedication has positioned us uniquely, earning us the respect and admiration of our community.
Our ongoing efforts have garnered influence within our community, as evidenced by our regular appearances on the national radio channel dedicated to crypto education. Our recent segment delved deeply into the Decentralized Voices program.

While we initially felt overwhelmed by the volume and caliber of applications, the realization that over 4,000 Polkadot wallets trust our work, coupled with the encouragement from key community members, reaffirmed our belief in our application’s validity. We humbly acknowledge the responsibility to represent the community that has supported us, and we remain committed to serving their interests.

Declaration of Political Philosophy and Agenda

Rooted in the principles of transparency, inclusivity, and decentralized governance, we, as representatives of the Polkadot and Kusama ecosystems, unite under a shared vision for the advancement and prosperity of our communities.

  1. Decentralized Governance: We affirm our commitment to decentralized governance, where decisions are made democratically, guided by the collective interests of the network. We prioritize proposals that enhance decentralization, resilience, and sustainability within our ecosystems, ensuring that power is distributed equitably among stakeholders.

  2. Transparency and Inclusivity: We advocate for transparent and inclusive decision-making processes, where all voices, regardless of size or influence, are valued and respected. We pledge to foster an environment of open dialogue, active participation, and community engagement, ensuring that governance reflects the diversity and dynamism of our community.

  3. Technical Development and Innovation: We recognize the paramount importance of technical development, innovation, and the continuous evolution of our ecosystems. We support proposals that contribute to technical advancements, network security, and the development of robust tools and features, driving the progress and growth of our communities.

  4. Community Education and Outreach: We are committed to community education and outreach efforts, aiming to empower individuals with the knowledge and understanding needed to actively participate in governance processes. Through transparent communication, educational initiatives, and the promotion of open discussion, we seek to cultivate a well-informed and engaged community, capable of shaping the future of our ecosystems.

In pursuit of these principles, we pledge to uphold integrity, fairness, and accountability in all our actions and decisions. By standing united in our commitment to decentralized governance and the shared values of our communities, we strive to build a stronger, more resilient ecosystem that serves the collective interests of all stakeholders.

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