Decentralized Voices - Dotcast


Dotcast is a native brand of the Polkadot and Kusama ecosystem, focused on spreading the word and telling its story in a neutral and honest way, in addition to its innovative technology and tools for its users within the Spanish Speaking community.

The team has been active for almost two years now and looking to keep growing. In the last 3 months we managed to increase our audience by 4k new participants and created an exclusive group (1 month ago) with almost 100 active participants who watch closely what happens on Open Gov. This is where the team sees potential to apply to this program and give voice to those who deserve it most: the real users.

In the case that the delegation becomes effective, a sub-group dedicated to Open Gov will be created to make collective decisions, transmit and exchange knowledge, discuss points of view and encourage the participation of new users by decomplexing the traditional channel.

In this way Open Gov will be much more attractive to the rest of the community that still continues to see it as an uneven initiative where only whales play a role.

Political Philosophy:

This definition will change depending on the proposal to be voted, the track, its particular context and the general context of the ecosystem at the time.

Dotcast recognizes the youth of Open Gov and at the same time how fast the ecosystem is growing, but we believe in showing respect and honoring the original philosophy with which the project was created and the differences that exist between the proposals on Kusama (trial and error) and Polkadot (application of things already tested with value).

By keeping these concepts close and consulting with other (more experienced) members within the ecosystem we will be able to provide our community with quality and solid tools to make the best decisions.