Decentralized Voices - Second Cohort - Dotcast /this_is_the_DOT


Dotcast represents a community that demands to be heard and rightfully deserves a seat at the discussions within Open Gov. Furthermore, the Spanish-speaking collective advocates for fresh representatives within the Polkadot ecosystem. This requires individuals of unwavering integrity, who are impervious to the allure of incentives presented by substantial transactions processed through the network’s Treasury. Delegates who genuinely embody the sentiments and beliefs of users, shaping the future of Polkadot.

Having actively participated in the ecosystem for two years and witnessed the inception of Open Gov, Dotcast has not only built a reputable identity but has also fostered a new Spanish-speaking community eager to engage and make their voices heard within the largest DAO on the planet.

Recognizing the potential impact, our team aims to apply for this program, providing a platform for those who truly deserve it: the real users. Should the delegation become effective, a dedicated sub-group focused on Open Gov will emerge. This sub-group will facilitate collective decision-making, knowledge sharing, diverse perspectives, and encourage the participation of new users by simplifying the traditional channels.

By doing so, Open Gov will become significantly more appealing to the broader community, one that currently perceives it as an uneven initiative where only a select few hold sway.

Dotcast philosophy involving Open Gov

The following principles shall steer the assessment of proposals and the decision-making process in collaboration with the community:

Consensus Building : Endeavoring to achieve collective agreement through inclusive dialogue and consideration of diverse viewpoints.

Decentralization : Upholding the core value of distributed authority and avoiding central points of control.

Team Reputation : Recognizing the significance of a team’s standing and historical contributions to the community.

Proof of Work : Valuing the tangible evidence of effort and contribution.

Specialized Input on Technical Proposals : Giving due weight to the informed opinions of experts when evaluating technical submissions.

Showcasing Technology : Ensuring that proposals highlight the capabilities and innovations of Polkadot’s technology through its dApps and developments.

Clarity Over Drama : Prioritizing clear communication and understanding over sensationalism or conflict.

Stability in Development : Safeguarding against substantial alterations that could disrupt the ongoing development of Polkadot’s technology.


-Reading and evaluation of the Proposal

-Discussion with the community

-Submission of comments

-Participation in AAG

-Direct contact with the team (if necessary)

-Final interaction with the community

-Voting and public statement

Final Conclusions

The team acknowledges the relatively low participation in Open Gov under the banner of “Dotcast.” Individually, team members Nachito and Roco have not only cast votes but have also actively provided feedback across various Polkadot groups and decentralized entities, maintaining consistent engagement for the past two years.

Simultaneously, Dotcast recognizes the opportunity to showcase its capabilities through Open Gov and the authentic community it has fostered. By staking its reputation, Dotcast aims to represent a collective that transcends personal interests, safeguarding the integrity of its image.

Let’s make the goal promoted by this program happen: Allow more people to be significantly involved in OpenGov

Dotcast verified identity: 12b35i6gjXhMzYU7Dy97RngXbuJngDJ8oeY15aM533mmqGaf


Hi! Here Adrián from Coin Reference, just want to leave here me totally support to the DOTCAST team within Decentralized Voices programe. Really great team and content. Also they represents a big and great Spanish community. Ty!

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Hey! Here Nicolás. Great work guys! You’re creating high-quality content in Spanish.
You have all my support! Let’s keep growing the Spanish community! :raised_hands: Thanks!

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Can You Guys share more info about Your voting mechanics You will implement as community? How DotCast representing Spanish speaking community will arrive at consensus? If You guys represent collective vote of Spanish community how You internally reach the consensus ?

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Hi Jimmy,

Thank you for reaching out. Our primary objective is to cultivate a robust and informed community that actively engages in Open Gov. At present, the Dotcast community boasts 200 members. To achieve consensus, we plan to establish a Governance sub-group dedicated to publishing proposal summaries, complete with corresponding links.

Beneath each summary, we will provide a poll to enable every member to cast their vote (AYE / NAY / ABSTAIN). Prior to voting, we anticipate vibrant discussions and the sharing of perspectives. This is the crucible where our community thrives and fosters a spirit of participation.

The Dotcast team pledges to offer insights into the teams, their historical standing, and their reputation within the ecosystem for each proposal. Our aim is to streamline the decision-making process for genuine users, who, while not expected to possess all this knowledge, certainly merit the opportunity to partake in Open Gov, armed with the fullest information at their disposal.


The Dotcast team.

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Hi Nico!

We are immensely grateful for your support.

Our commitment is unwavering as we strive to expand our community. We will continue to provide and enhance tools specifically designed for this growth, such as Open Gov.


The Dotcast team.

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Hi Adrián,

We are immensely grateful for your support.

We eagerly anticipate the chance to amplify the voices that remained unheard during the initial phase of the DV program.


The Dotcast team.

Thank You guys for clarification. It’s great to see that Your vote as DV delegate will be driven by such a diverse collective wisdom. Hopefully You will get selected and we have Your loud and diverse voice od Spanis Speaking Community heard and represented with significant weight with Ddelegation.

Full Support for Dotcast. Keep up Your great work and contributions Guys!


Full support to Dotcast in the Decentralized Voices program!

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Dear Sir,

We extend our gratitude for your invaluable support in the DV Program. It is imperative that we embrace new perspectives and ensure diverse representation. Our community not only merits a voice but also warrants the opportunity for active engagement in the Open Gov process. This approach fosters collective participation, moving away from the traditional political systems where the burden and accountability rest on a solitary individual.


The Dotcast Team.

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From AIWeb3, Chinese community focus on content creators and community building, we fully support the Spanish community’s voice should be heard, founder DrCAO went to one interview with CoinReference and glad to see the support from Adrian to the DOTCAST team!