Decentralized Voices: Cohort 2 – TheeWeb3Patriot

Definitely support Web3 Patriot. AS someone who is heavily involved in the Algorand governance, I appreciate anyone who gives their opinion publicly and face the music. The only reason I know about this platform and what’s going on with Dot Gov is because of the frequent post on Twitter (X). Keep up the good work, you will not make everyone happy but if your willing to listen and chat to find middle ground and your goal is to better the ecosystem, that’s all that matters. Cheers to the future

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The fact that the guppies/ guppies associate is trying so hard to villainize me and slander me I find it very disappointing.
Mr Lucky one

They are all affiliated with the guppies in some form. It’s clearly a campaign launched against me and Giotto.

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Welcome to Polkadot Forums Rich! This is where all the proposals normally get posted for discussion. Thank you for your support. There is much we can learn from Other Ecosystem governance models. I will 100% push an interoperability alliance. Cardano has unifires which I’m going to join up on. They are connecting Cardano with Polkadot. There should definitely be an algorand/polkadot initiative also. The future is multichain.

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Is there any information about pushing for this Algorand/Polkadot intiative? How to start?

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This is a lie.
I have no affiliations with “the guppies” whatsoever.

He is well aware that he is lying and spreading misinformation… it’s just how he operates. Crying about something without any argument to support his claims.

I don’t know if you seen the Cardano over Coffee spaces I went on May 2 ( I didn’t get around to editing it and posting it on my X) (1) HERO Earth Node on X: “Want to learn more about #Polkadot listen in around the 1hour and listen to @TheeWeb3Patriot teach us about some exciting stuff about a blockchain going through governance… #Cardano $ADA” / X
started speaking around 50 min area,
However, it was basically around interoperability onchain and community. Topics like governance came up etc…

I would recommend starting at the ground level and spreading it through the Algorand and Polkadot community. Invite each other to different X spaces. Get the conversation started.

There is a group called Unifires(I’m going to link with them) They are a group of Polkadot and Cardano individuals. They got funding from Catalyst I think (Cardano’s governance system) That would be a good start to see if we can get Algorand individuals in there too.

We should do a governance spaces via X. Talk about Algorand and Polkadot governance systems. Maybe a collective can form, and we unite Devs and ecosystem agents. I’m Keen!

That’s bullshit, I’m totally for Giotto, just not you