Decentralized Voices: Cohort 2 - Polkassembly

Polkassembly has been leading governance innovation in Polkadot, bringing it to the public in a simple and easy manner.

With over five years in the ecosystem, we have taken a significant step forward. We have begun actively voting on topics where we are confident our insights are unbiased and relevant, without any conflicts of interest.

We have currently voted on more than 35 proposals. We are strong proponents of OpenGov, believing in its potential for transparent and inclusive decision-making. This central focus on governance is also reflected in our conference talks at sub0, Polkadot Decoded, and Polkadot.

This initiative is not just about participation; it’s about leveraging our expertise to improve our offerings through active engagement and to contribute meaningfully to the community. We are committed to demonstrating responsible delegation, marked by increased communication and transparency.

Our Voting Guidelines

To achieve this, our manifesto outlines the following voting guidelines:

  1. Polkassembly votes based on its expertise in Governance, Treasury Management, Business and product evaluation metrics, UX, and for the benefit of the Polkadot ecosystem.

  2. We clearly state the reasoning behind our votes, which are influenced by several factors:
    a. Proposer’s Reputation: This includes the value they add to the overall ecosystem, their past experience, and their qualifications.
    b. Proposal’s Merit: We consider both the proposer’s past work and their plans for the future.
    c. Expert Feedback: We take into account feedback from specialists in the field.
    d. Community Feedback: We value the input from relevant ecosystem participants and the broader community.

  3. Initially, Polkassembly will only vote on governance proposals within the Polkadot ecosystem.

  4. Polkassembly will not participate in bribery or quid pro quo related to governance proposals.

Delegation and Goals

Polkassembly will consistently vote with a conviction level of 3x on every proposal. Our own voting power will be fixed at 25,000 DOT, while the delegated power we hold will depend entirely on the community.

As a delegate, Polkassembly’s short-term goals are to receive a significant delegation representing decentralised voices from the Web3 Foundation (W3F) and to surpass 1 million DOT via delegation.


You should put the tag Decentralized Voice… It was hard to find this post without it.

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Polkassembly is my go-to for OpenGov, and it would be great to see them having more impact on the process they’ve been fostering.


Added the tag as well!

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Thank you @swenthebuilder!

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Great team


I support Polkassembly candidacy. It’s clear that the team has contributed to Polkadot governance from day 1 with their platform, and they constantly adjust and improve to meet the demands of the ever-growing OpenGov scenario. They engage frequently in conversations about how to drive Polkadot forward.

I trust that they understand the ecosystem and will act in the best interest of Polkadot. Aye from me.


Great team support you Polkassembly