Decentralized Voices: Cohort 2 – TheeWeb3Patriot

Hello WF3 and Dotsama,

First off, I just want to say I admire The Web3 Foundation so much. I’m a big believer of what I would call Web3 Gavinism. The true Web3 that I hope will one day take power from big tech and bring into fruition that “less trust, more truth” narrative in all aspects of our Technological lives.

As a Web3 Patriot, I view Polkadot as my nation. By staking $Dot and nominating validators, I fulfill my duty as a citizen to help secure our network. Similarly, when I endorse proposals via X platform or vote in OpenGov, I see it as fulfilling my civic responsibilities for the betterment of Polkadot.

This perspective is crucial because, within OpenGov, we’ve observed potentially poor allocations of Polkadot Treasury funds. The Polkadot treasury is on the verge of going under 30 million $Dot. This is partially due to the Polkadot Community’s ambitious marketing push. Let’s face the facts… we funded some poor proposals that didn’t benefit the Polkadot nation. We overpaid for marketing content that was rushed, had poor viewership, and initiatives that didn’t really benefit Polkadot as we thought they would. In some cases, we funded creators to deliver content and they went AWOL once they received funding.

There is a strong need this cohort to grant DVs to people that show some capacity of being a treasury conservative but are also willing to allocate our treasury resources towards Web3 focused initiatives that will further Polkadot. We need fluid thinking Dvs that are not just going to aye every proposal because Polkadot needs marketing or nay every proposal because it’s associated with a proposer they don’t like. We are approaching a point where we must start heavily considering the cost-benefit analysis of a referendum and the opportunity cost that comes with it.

So, I plead to the Web3 Foundation to carefully consider this cohort round of DVs because it can potentially set the precedent going forward. With that said I would like to put forth my candidacy for a decentralized voices grant.

My story really started at the heart of the “Open Anarchy” phase during Referendum 213 ( where a known community member appeared to be grifting and attempting to obtain treasury funds as a means to elevate his influencer career all while producing poor quality content for Polkadot.

However, I did make OpenGov awareness post before that:
During the time of 213 I was also active in Polkadot Forums to try and come up with a solution to the content creator funding problem. ( [Subscription Based Tipping System Built into Polkadot J.S - Ecosystem - Polkadot Forum] (Subscription Based Tipping System Built into Polkadot J.S) which hit a roadblock since changes had to be made to the staking pallet and I couldn’t get in contact with Jaco (developer at Polkadot J.S)

However, I continued to spread OpenGov awareness and encourage voting. Here are some notable posts:

I also attempted to get the conversation going about OpenGov treasury delegation loans and revoking Kylin parachain slot/unlocking crowdloan:
Removing Kylin as a Parachain & Revoking crowdloan lock! - Governance - Polkadot Forum
Introducing Treasury Delegate Loans - Governance - Polkadot Forum

My X account speaks for itself… I went from 300 followers to 1100+ in 6 months of active OpenGov involvement with notable Polkadot community members following.

Recently, I paused my active contributions to OpenGov to focus on developing UI content that helps onboard new members to Polkadot, exemplified by tutorials like (, I’m advocating for an interoperability alliance between Polkadot and Cardano, as discussed in various post including an X Spaces session with Charles Hoskinson, enhancing our collaborative potential. (X spaces with Charles Hoskinson) (Cardano themed show) (about 52 minutes into spaces)

My philosophy within OpenGov is to be versatile and open minded on every referendum. I transformed from being someone who was relatively against using treasury funds for marketing… to someone willing to support productive marketing outputs like the Conor Daly referendum. My voting process would be fluid. I would take into consideration the treasury and its sustainability in every vote. I would ask myself “Are these resources being utilized in the most efficient way for the betterment of Polkadot?” This would be the focus of how I vote in the future. At its core I’m advocating for cautious fund management and strategic investment in growth initiatives centered around Web3. I would even use things such as polls and host open mic X spaces to talk with community members to get their opinion on referendums.

I would also advocate the formation of a DV committee with the other 9 DV voices. Hopefully, establish something that takes into consideration a reputation approval on referendums from the Polkadot community members (maybe via popular vote) and would use this in influencing my decision making when voting.

Ultimately, whether or not I receive the grant, my priority remains the same: safeguarding the treasury, fostering Web3 innovation, and serving the Polkadot community.

Wallet Address
12Edi9rmcgbJDDRkrZ789zfoKGr9stJvRxMuSmQ7yB7E2AEP (On-chain Identity TheeWeb3Patriot)

Delegate (The Sons of Gavin)



U aint suitable for DV as well. Like ive mentioned many times u have failed to stand on the neutral side.

For example, the $DED situation. It is very obvious that Giotto wasnt doing things in a right manner. Holding holders hostage just becos they didnt allow him to take more money from treasure. (Rem he did get 1m funding and money to setup ded foundation) and he decided to give 5% instead of the majority to holders.

You didnt even stand up and say anything about the wrongdoing. Yet, u supported him. And kept on saying DED is good.

We need DV that is neutral and is able to differentiate whats right and whats wrong. Rather be easily sway … just becos u think u r able to work with him.

But your actions clearly shows u aint on the neutral line.

So i hope w3f and parity will make a wise choice.

Then you be DV sir. The only thing guppies can use against me is that I endorsed 385 because I was under the impression that Ded can be used as a meme coin trojan horse to integrate Asset hub on exchanges.

Overall Ded did drive some adoption to asset hub so it did do some good and still has potential to do good. Not changing my stance because you guys hate ded and giotto.

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By the way AssetHub just got integrated on MEXC :slight_smile:


Fetty was one of the first people to connect with me via X when I started participating in Polkadot through the AMI Marketing chat in November of 2023. Along with Natti he got me vocally engaged in conversations about Polkadot.

I didn’t know he was new to participating in the eco like myself at that time. He is extremely knowledgeable, fair minded & think’s with logic & reason. Fetty is a conservative, so he would certainly balance the scales. He would add a technical solution aspect to voting as I’ve come to know him as a “what if” solution’ist through our conversations. I was actually surprised that Fetty wasn’t working & building in Polkadot. Being someone who at times hired people, he is everything I look for in a candidate. He is a free thinker & someone who takes action, people like this are hard to come by IMO. Free thinkers have the ability to really affect change in the world!

I appreciate that Fetty plays fair, he is extremely passionate for Polkadot & has an honest vision for the future of Polkadot. When him & I disagree he will fight with conviction to relate “why” he feels a certain way & is still respectful of other’s viewpoints. I have the utmost respect for this young man & I hope he becomes a common thread within the fabric of Polkadot through building & voting!


I wholeheartedly support TheeWeb3patriot’s candidacy for the DV program. During our time within the Guppies group, I have observed his dedication and competence, making him a candidate worthy of consideration.

Despite the challenges faced within the group, I have appreciated TheeWeb3patriot’s professionalism and commitment to pursuing common goals.

I would also like to emphasize that the accusations of being dependent on Giotto are unfounded. It is essential to evaluate individuals based on their actions and dedication, rather than relying on baseless assumptions.

In conclusion, I believe that TheeWeb3patriot is a suitable candidate for the DV program, and I am confident that his integrity and expertise will bring a positive contribution to the community.


Adoption is always a positive. Also, I want to publicly say that if I did get granted a DV I would not vote bias nay/aye or advocate nay/aye for your proposals like some people have been doing with your bounties.


You have my support TheeWeb3Patriot


I really appreciate that Hope! You have been a wonderful addition to the Polkadot ecosystem. I concur with everything you stated. I will continue to try and spread Polkadot adoption and interoperability.


You are true example of clown “agent” of DOT… have zero (0) integrity for judgments. Giving you DV delegations would make them look as a joke as well. You always keep the side that works for you while DV’s should have neutral statement. Stating that someones “hates” DED or Giottio is your only argument while not responding to many “attacks” on them… You are nothing more than cow’s you are keeping, following the shepherd, yourself have zero (0) own stance.

Once again as the comment before the guppies have been salty over Ded. My track record over X speaks for itself. Like I said many times I’m not playing the us versus them game anymore. I’m Dotsama and I’m willing to find middle ground with everyone for the betterment of Polkadot and Web3. You folks are bitter because I took this approach with 16DG.

I also believe there is animosity against me for leaving Guppies… I was basically a cofounder of that group… it was between me and Kevin to set up the telegram and I suggested he do it and I made the X profile… set up the beta multisig… pushed for productive movement in admin and productivity chat.

Interesting fact I only aligned with Giotto on a few topics go check my X.


I fully endorse TheWeb3Patriot, as he has been a positive influence on the Polkadot community. If TheWeb3Patriot is granted the DV position, he will undoubtedly continue to make valuable contributions to the ecosystem.


Thank you, White Rabbit! You are a great content creator and have been very helpful within Polkadot. I appreciate you for helping refute the false claims that I’m somehow a Loyalist. Hopefully people fact-check the misinformation that is circulating by bitter guppies.


Like ive said many times… no one is salty becos u are out of the guppies chat. Like ive said, u didnt even stand up against the last min changes of the 5% .

And rem u ask giotto to collab with you and get DV, with DV collab and helping to vote for ref is not what DV should be about.

There is no collaboration with me and Giotto but if he is open to endorsing me, I am open to his support as I would attempt to be fair minded towards his proposals if the cost-benefit analysis and opportunity cost are positive.


If you don’t mind, can you share the address(es) you use in OpenGov so people can take a look at your voting history?

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I shared my main that I was voting from with W3F Privately along with my Web2 name.

I have another address that I did 1 dot votes from since I don’t like voting on my other address because of ledger limitations when signing batch to remove votes.

However, my voting history on Referendums
Nay 37 (Single Dot on different wallet)
Nay 85
Nay 213
Nay 218
Nay 228
Nay 231
Nay 242
Nay 243
Nay 244
Nay 247
Nay 281
Nay 286
Nay 291
Nay 292
Nay 293
Nay 295
Nay 298
Nay 299
Nay 304

Then took a pause
voted with 1 dot on another wallet This one is what I plan on using for DV and Delegate establishment
12Edi9rmcgbJDDRkrZ789zfoKGr9stJvRxMuSmQ7yB7E2AEP There is some voting history there. I’ll buy some more dot soon and vote with 50 @ 6x or so…like some other dvs do.

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Thank you Tony, I appreciate your support.


Thank you Swen, I appreciate your support. I will 100% continue to be a Polkadot Ecosystem agent. Hopefully work towards a stronger Polkadot.


@TheeWeb3Patriot He has constantly participated in discussions and opinions about referenda, he has a great critical sense about the proposals, I truly believe that he can be a person truly qualified for a decentralized voice!