Decentralized Voices: Cohort 2 - Jimmy Tudeski

Application for the 2nd Cohort of the Decentralized Voices Program

Dear Web3 Foundation Team and Polkadot Community,

I am writing once again with great enthusiasm to apply for the second cohort of the Decentralized Voices Program. Following a rewarding first term, I am motivated to continue contributing to our governance with an enhanced, focused approach that prioritizes strategic and sustainable development.

In this next term, I aim to refine governance voting strategies to ensure that every initiative funded by our treasury is scrutinized not just for its immediate appeal but for its deep, long-term value to the Polkadot ecosystem. I am dedicated to promoting a governance model that transcends the binary voting system and encourages a richer, more constructive dialogue.

I will critically evaluate proposals that bypass thorough discussion on Polkassembly, advocating for a governance culture that values preparatory dialogue and inclusive debate before reaching the voting stage. My scrutiny will be particularly stringent for proposals lacking robust community interaction or those that fail to clearly communicate their benefits during the deliberation period. It is vital that proposals foster a two-way communication stream, establishing clear benefits and practical applications to the broader Polkadot ecosystem.

Through a more selective and strategic approach, I am committed to ensuring that our governance actions reflect and promote the long-term health and growth of the Polkadot ecosystem. I am eager to leverage my experience and insights to further enhance our community’s influence and participation in shaping the future of Polkadot.

During the 2nd cohort I will advocate for proposals that clearly define their potential impact on improving Polkadot’s core technology and expanding its use cases. Special emphasis will be placed on supporting initiatives that not only propose innovative solutions but also demonstrate a clear pathway to practical application and community benefit.
Emphasizing proposals that demonstrate clear potential for ecosystem growth and user benefit, my support will prioritize projects that directly enhance user experience and platform capabilities, rather than solely developer-oriented tools.

I plan to be more selective with marketing initiatives, prioritizing those that directly contribute to organic growth and authentic community engagement. The goal is to move away from broad, non-specific campaigns to those that create lasting engagements and real user conversion.

I will advocate for the establishment of specialized collectives composed of experts in key verticals such as marketing, events, and business development. These collectives will manage significant bounty funds with a high degree of professionalism and efficiency. My vision is to create a structure that supports agile, outcome-oriented teams, capable of adapting to the dynamic needs of the Polkadot ecosystem while maintaining transparency and effectiveness in their operations.

Throughout my tenure, I have consistently provided detailed feedback on proposals via platforms like Polkasembly and Twitter, advocating for transparency, community involvement, and strategic coherence in all proposals. My reports and feedback are documented and publicly accessible, reflecting my dedication to enhancing our governance practices:

With a reinforced strategic focus and a deep commitment to principled governance, I am enthusiastic about the potential to further contribute to Polkadot’s success. I am confident that by fostering expert collectives and maintaining rigorous oversight of our governance processes, we can achieve a more dynamic, inclusive, and effective ecosystem.

Thank you for considering my application. I am committed to continuing my work with the Polkadot community, driving us towards our shared vision of a decentralized and thriving network.

Warm regards,



The Polkadot Treasury just went under 30 million $Dot. The community has had a very ambitious marketing push with no sign of slowing.

Ref 644 recently passed that cost the treasury 968,000 $Dot. Jimmy, you had advocated very heavily for this referendum.

What are your thoughts on Treasury conservatism (The idea of conserving dot at low price action and allocating $Dot in a more efficient matter) and how will this concept influence your decision making if granted a DV in cohort 2?

I ask this because with the right 10 DVs we can really make a change.

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Hey there,

Thanks for bringing up the important point about the treasury, especially with the recent dip in $DOT values. I totally get where you’re coming from and agree that we need to be really smart with how we allocate our resources, especially now.

Regards Ref 644 - it indeed was a tough call, but all my work there with expnations and desribing the value and business oportunity with the report, all was made because I truly find this as a solid bet for substantial long-term benefits to Polkadot as enterprise business partner and our community. I really strive to support projects that not only push the envelope on what Polkadot can do but also come with solid plans and measurable impacts. I’m all for getting our bang for every DOT spent.

Looking ahead, if I get to serve again as a DV, I’m planning to push harder for projects that show real, tangible ROI. Proposals with clear KPIs are my JAM :grinning:, and I want to see us funding more stuff where the outcomes are both impactful and measurable. Also, I’m big on getting more structured, like having multi-sig managed funds with known experts at the helm—this could help keep things agile yet accountable.

And I hear you on the need for better dialogue and consensus. It’s crucial that we’re not just tossing ideas out there without enough community feedback. If I’m back in, I’ll advocate for more thorough discussions before anything hits the voting stage, making sure we’re all on board or at least have had our say. This approach should move us away from a purely binary voting system and towards a more inclusive and deliberate decision-making process.

Appreciate you raising these points, and I hope we can work together to make these changes happen. Let’s keep Polkadot strong and make our treasury work smarter, not harder.

Catch you soon,


Full support Jimmy for the second round of DV program delegation by W3F. Jimmy is a very helpful and transparent person and deserves the second assignment!


I support you Jimmy

Let’s see the outcome of DV round 2. In the Event that one of us or both of us is DV it is of the utmost importance that we push for initiatives where we have open verbal dialogue among Dvs and the Polkadot community on proposals and the management of the Polkadot treasury.

I will push for forming a DV committee if I’m in and try to set up some type of approval rating for proposals. Let’s not have an outcome where by the start of Cohort 3 we see 10 million Dot out of the treasury.

You have my support!

Also, I suggest you add the tag decentralized voices next to governance. If not, it puts your write up with everything governance tagged. The decentralized voices will put you under all of our post (DV)

Thank You for the tag reminder. Much appreciated, just added it.

In decentralized ecosystems and DAOs like #Polkadot, voter apathy and the influence of plutocracy present significant challenges. These issues stem from a sense that individual contributions don’t influence outcomes or that decisions are dominated by a few influential whales.

To counteract these challenges, we need a governance model that encourages and requires active participation and diverse input. As I potentially step forward for another term in the Decentralized Voices, my primary focus for the second cohort is clear: restoring the essence of OpenGov through these crucial, pre-vote discussions.

This strategy promotes a more inclusive and participatory governance process, making it clear that every voice, regardless of its size, has the power to significantly impact the final decisions. When members see their input leading to tangible changes in proposals, it not only combats apathy but also dilutes the disproportionate influence of wealthier players, addressing the core concerns of plutocracy.

Incorporating this approach leverages the collective wisdom of our community, a resource that can be enriched by ecosystem expert insights. This underscores the importance of each individual’s contribution and inspires a sense of shared responsibility and commitment. It transforms OpenGov into a society where every participant is a crucial stakeholder in decision-making.

Bringing back discussions could increase the number of active voters and elevate the quality of our democratic processes. By making the participation process more engaging and transparent, we are setting the stage for a governance system reflecting our community’s collective wisdom, aspirations, and vision of Polkadot, its values, and development directions. Building on this foundation, if I am honored with another DV term, I expect the pre-vote discussion stage for the proposals.

They should be shaped and scrutinized through vibrant and transparent debates on Polkasembly or Subsquare, especially the complex ones and those asking for big spending. This way, the community voice can be heard, concerns addressed, and the best possible value achieved. This approach will ensure that our actions reflect our collective intelligence and align with Polkadot’s strategic vision and values, guaranteeing our ecosystem’s ongoing evolution and success.

Currently, many proposers only engage with voters during the voting stage and often only if their proposal is on the verge of failing. This reactive approach undermines the proactive and inclusive spirit we need. No discussions, no dice! If other DV delegates in the 2nd cohort follow this, we can make OpenGov more inclusive and efficient.

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Thank You John!

Thanks for You support fella! Doing my best to keep the community informed.

I fully support Jimmy for the 2nd cohort of DV. Jimmy was one of the most vocal delegate who also took place on several AAGs describing his opinion and approach. Jimmy is very enthusiastic and his commitment to a few key referenda was exemplary. Similarly to what I wrote under Saxemberg aplication, for the sake of continuity it’s good to keep a few players of the first party and I think Jimmy is one of those fellow guys that deserves that.

Aye for Jimmy being a DV! He does a great job for the Polkadot community. Looking forward to seeing his next moves.

It’s a no-brainer to have Jimmy in the second cohort of Decentralized Voices. Always giving feedback to proposals, with an attentive ear, and committed to doing right by the community. A truly passionate individual!

Full support to Jimmy!