Decentralized Voices: Cohort 2 - 0xGeorgii

Hello :wave:

I’m excited to apply for the Decentralized Voices Program Cohort 2, following my experience as a delegate for Kusama in the first cohort.

During my time in Cohort 1, I actively participated by voting on all of them. This level of engagement is something I believe is crucial for our governance process.

Here’s a bit about what I did in the first cohort:

  • I posted on X to raise awareness and encourage participation in the most important proposals.
  • Expressed my opinion under proposals (which I still do not understand why others do not do, blind voting?)
  • I helped others understand the governance system through direct messages, making getting involved easier.

My background in web3 security and development drives my mission to enhance the safety and integrity of the Polkadot ecosystem. Below are my views from the original application post, which I continue to stay in.

You can observer some of my activities in the following resources:

  • GitHub username: 0xGeorgii
  • X username: 0xGeorgii

Core Governance Principles:

  • Decentralization: It’s crucial to prevent the concentration of governance power. I advocate for a system where decision-making is distributed across the community, ensuring no single entity can dominate.
  • Open Governance: Transparency and inclusivity should be at the heart of our governance model. This ensures every community member can contribute to and influence the network’s direction.
  • R&D Support: I firmly back proposals focused on research and development, recognizing their importance in advancing our ecosystem. Exceptions are made for proposals that don’t align with our core values, like gambling.
  • Education Over Marketing: I prioritize educational content over marketing initiatives. Quality dApps and genuine community engagement speak louder than advertising.
  • Conferences: I support organizing conferences as they facilitate knowledge exchange among developers, fostering innovation and collaboration within our ecosystem.

While my engagement in initiatives like the Polkadot Heroes program has enriched my understanding of the ecosystem, my daily involvement in coding and security analysis provides me with a practical perspective on governance.

I believe my experience and vision align well with the goals of the Decentralized Voices program, aiming to contribute to a more decentralized, open, and innovative Polkadot network.

Here are my validators: