Decentralized Futures: gotEM Investigations DAO

Hello everyone, I’m Tawei Chang, a recent graduate from the PBA, Hong Kong Cohort. Happy to be here today to introduce our project.

Over the past year, my team and I have been dedicated to developing a Web3 Open Source Intelligence DAO on the Polkadot network.

We currently have a working beta that we completed shortly after finishing at PBA. The beta can be viewed here:

Brief Introduction

The internet has made information incredibly accessible, but how do we know if it’s reliable? While access to information and communication has never been easier, we need a system to ensure its accuracy and fairness. That’s where gotEM comes in. Our mission is simple: to create a platform where informed individuals, private detectives, and security experts can collectively work towards creating transparency worldwide. Whether it’s a simple task or a complex mission, gotEM provides a decentralized space for everyone to launch an investigation that is proven worthy by the greater community.

gotEMs Origin

Originally launched as MeetMySpy, a startup aimed at creating a global marketplace for contracting private investigators and security professionals. Our platform quickly gained traction, attracting thousands of signups from detectives spanning over sixty countries. With users from over a hundred countries submitting thousands of real cases, MeetMySpy demonstrated its potential to meet a significant demand in the market. In its first year alone, MeetMySpy generated over 100k in monthly revenue, showcasing the substantial interest and need for such services worldwide. With the private investigation and security industry valued at over $80 billion globally, the demand for accessible and reliable investigative solutions is only growing.

The platform gained lots of attention, and we were contacted by CNET and was featured on the national news and a television show, which aired in Taiwan.

The Problem

The decentralized nature of the Internet have made it increasingly difficult to combat crimes such as fraud, digital theft, and massive disinformation campaigns, further harming, confusing and manipulating the masses.

As the world becomes more interconnected, the demand for private investigators and security experts has skyrocketed. While the Internet has made global communication effortless, it has also made it easier for malicious individuals to cause harm. Cyber-hacking, digital blackmail, and online fraud are now more prevalent than ever, with no affordable or accessible solutions in sight. The need for reliable safeguards against these threats has never been more urgent.

The Solution

An Investigations DAO platform that puts investigative power in the hands of everyone. Our platform connects people worldwide, facilitating active involvement in solving missions and security needs. Through crowdfunding and crowdsourcing, users can gather resources for investigations and private security tasks. Operating on a trustless decentralized model, our DAO ensures governance by the community, ensuring accuracy and reliability in every step of the process. From investigation approval to funding, the community votes on what evidence is accepted or rejected.

Key Features:

  1. Crowd Investigations: Collaborate with professional investigators and global users to gather crucial information for cases.

  2. Crowdfund for Missions: Secure funding for complex investigations and global security crises that span borders.

  3. On-demand investigations: Access verified investigators and security experts globally, whenever you need them.

How it works:

The gotEM platform allows users to address urgent cases in private investigations, defense, cybersecurity, and humanitarian aid. Users acquire tokens and post their cases, which are then voted on by token holders. Approved cases are rewarded with tokens, either from the platform’s treasury or directly from the user. A portion of tokens is allocated to fund missions, ensuring ecosystem sustainability. Tokenomics reward contributors based on expertise, promoting fairness and transparency. This decentralized model empowers both seekers and providers of investigative services, ensuring accountability and fairness.

  1. Transparent Decision-Making: The DAO platform allows for transparent and decentralized decision-making. Community members can propose governance actions related to truth-seeking or justice, and these proposals are put to a vote by the participants.

  2. Community Engagement: Through the platform, community members can actively participate in the decision-making process by casting their votes. This ensures that decisions are made collectively and reflect the diverse perspectives within the community.

  3. Trustless Governance: The DAO operates on a trustless model, meaning that decisions are executed based on predetermined rules and smart contracts rather than relying on a central authority. This ensures that the governance process is fair, transparent, and free from manipulation.

  4. Ensuring Accuracy and Reliability: By leveraging the collective wisdom of the community, the DAO can help ensure the accuracy and reliability of decisions related to truth and justice. Through crowdsourced investigations and evidence-based voting, the platform can help uncover the truth and uphold justice in a transparent manner.

  5. Accountability: The DAO promotes accountability by holding decision-makers accountable to the community. If governance actions are deemed unjust or inaccurate, community members have the power to vote them down and propose alternative solutions.

By enabling transparent decision-making, community engagement, trustless governance, and accountability, the platform empowers communities to collectively address issues related to truth-seeking and justice in a fair and transparent manner.

gotEM DAO Use-cases

For the Polkadot Community:

  1. Interoperability Showcase: gotEM serves as a showcase for Polkadot’s interoperability features by seamlessly connecting with other blockchains within the ecosystem.
  2. Strategic Partnership Opportunities: Collaborations with other projects within the Polkadot ecosystem, such as Astar., can be explored to expand user bases and foster synergies.
  3. Governance Experimentation: The platform’s DAO governance model can be a testing ground for experimenting with decentralized decision-making within the Polkadot community.
  4. Technology Showcase: The integration of gotEM with Polkadot demonstrates the practical use of Substrate and Polkadot’s technology stack, showcasing the versatility and scalability of the ecosystem.


  1. Background Checks for Governance Participants: Before allowing individuals or entities to participate in the governance process, background checks can be conducted using decentralized identity solutions integrated with Polkadot. This ensures that only trusted and verified participants have a say in governance decisions.
  2. Transparent Decision-Making: All governance decisions, including fund allocation and project approvals, are made transparently on-chain through the governance mechanism. This allows anyone to audit and verify the decision-making process, ensuring accountability and fairness.
  3. Public Discussion and Feedback: Governance proposals can be open for public discussion and feedback, allowing community members to voice their opinions and concerns. This ensures that decisions reflect the collective wisdom of the community and are not influenced by a small group of individuals.

Treasury Management:

  1. Allocating Funds for Background Checks: A portion of the treasury can be allocated to conduct background checks on individuals or entities requesting funding from the ecosystem. These checks ensure that funds are only allocated to trustworthy and reputable projects or individuals.
  2. Verification of Fund Usage: Funds disbursed from the treasury can be tracked on-chain using transparent accounting mechanisms. Projects receiving funding are required to provide regular updates on their progress, along with evidence of how the funds are being utilized. This allows for real-time verification of fund usage and ensures that funds are being used as intended.
  3. Escrow Mechanisms: Smart contracts can be utilized to create escrow accounts for project funding. Funds are released incrementally based on predefined milestones, and evidence of milestone completion is submitted on-chain for verification. This ensures that funds are released only when specific deliverables are met.

Decentralized Evidence Gathering:

  1. On-Chain Proof of Deliverables: Projects receiving funding are required to submit evidence of their deliverables on-chain, such as code repositories, documentation, or other artifacts. This creates a verifiable trail of evidence proving that the project has met its obligations.
  2. Crowdsourced Verification: Community members can participate in the verification process by reviewing evidence submitted by funded projects. Decentralized reputation systems can be used to incentivize accurate verification and penalize malicious actors attempting to manipulate the system.
  3. Immutable Record Keeping: All evidence gathered and verified on-chain is stored immutably, providing a tamper-proof record of project progress and fund usage. This ensures transparency and accountability, as the entire history of fund allocation and project execution is publicly accessible and verifiable.

By leveraging Polkadot’s open governance, treasury, and decentralized features, organizations and communities can establish transparent and accountable systems for background checks, fund management, and evidence gathering, fostering trust and confidence in the ecosystem.

For the General Layman:

  1. Access to Investigative Services: Individuals facing security threats or seeking investigative services can access verified professionals globally through the platform.
  2. Crowdfunding for Justice: Laymen can contribute tokens to fund investigations into cases that matter to them, empowering them to participate in seeking justice.
  3. Transparency and Trust: By leveraging blockchain technology, gotEM ensures transparency and trust in the investigative process, providing assurance to laymen that their cases are handled fairly and ethically.

For Governments and Law Enforcement:

  1. Collaborative Investigations: Law enforcement agencies can collaborate with the global community of investigators on the platform to solve complex cases that span borders.
  2. Crowdsourced Intelligence: Governments can leverage the platform to gather intelligence on cybersecurity threats, disinformation campaigns, and other digital crimes.
  3. Supplement to Traditional Methods: gotEM can serve as a supplementary tool for law enforcement, providing access to a pool of skilled investigators and innovative investigative techniques.

Technical Plan and Token Integration with Polkadot:

  1. WASM Compliance: The platform ensures compatibility with the Polkadot ecosystem by utilizing WebAssembly (WASM) technology, which is the standard for smart contract execution on Substrate-based blockchains.
  2. Appchain or Parachain Integration: gotEM can choose to integrate as either an Appchain or a Parachain within the Polkadot ecosystem, depending on its scalability and governance requirements.
  3. Validator Collators: Validators on the gotEM Parachain can ensure the security and integrity of the network by validating and proposing blocks.
  4. Expansion to Core Time: As the platform matures, it can aim to become a core part of the Polkadot network, providing essential services for governance and security.


The internet’s evolution has brought both convenience and challenges, including increased fraud and misinformation. The gotEM DAO addresses this by leveraging Polkadot’s interoperability to create a decentralized application for crowdsourced investigations. By connecting investigators worldwide, gotEM aims to combat fraud and crimes against humanity. empower individuals to seek justice. However, ensuring ethical practices and user privacy protection are paramount concerns. Effective governance and oversight are crucial to realizing gotEM’s vision of democratizing access to investigative services worldwide.


DAO Beta:


Pitch Deck [Litepaper](gotEM Litepaper (Polkadot) - Google Docs]


At first glance, conducting a background check in the web3 world might seem contradictory to what web3 stands for; however, recent scams have highlighted the absolute necessity for such measures. After all, a wallet doesn’t have a name :wink:

I’ve personally known Tawei during my time at the PBA, and I’ve also met several of his team members since. They are all people who truly know their stuff. So, if this GotEM (nice name by the way …) can increase my peace of mind and that of others in the web3 space, count me in as a fan! We need this !



I am happy to see Tawei’s project in the ecosystem. We met many times in the past and talked about his ideas on a decentralized investigation platform. He has my full support for many reasons, just to highlight a few:

  • This project has actual real life use-cases.
  • There is a big network behind the project and many people believe in its success.
  • Technically fully possible.
  • From business point of view, if you worked as an investigator/hacker/similar or tried to hire one, you know there is a need for this transparent, reputation focused platform. I think it can stand on the business side if executed well.

No project is easy to succeed with, but Tawei has the right skills and human qualities to do that.

Looking forward to seeing goEM rolling in the Polkadot ecosystem!


It is an honor to be part of this project as this is very much needed in crypto landscape. I heard a lot of problems of users trying to adapt to this industry due to new terminology or doing things differently in Web3. And because of this there are a lot of individuals that loves to take advantage of the situation hence adaption becomes a little bit hard and slow. GOTEM solves this, not just by identifying the problem but by involving the users themselves to identify it and reward them in the process. Amazing project for the right moment in the space.


Hello I’mpleased to pen down my thought about Gotem dao. Gotem Dao represents an exemplary addition to the Polkadot ecosystem, providing a robust framework for decentralized governance and collaboration. Its innovative approach fosters community-driven decision-making, empowering participants to shape the future of the ecosystem. By incentivizing active participation and rewarding contributions, Gotem Dao cultivates a vibrant and engaged community, essential for the growth and sustainability of the Polkadot network. Its seamless integration with Polkadot’s interoperable infrastructure enhances the overall ecosystem’s resilience and scalability. Gotem Dao’s commitment to transparency and fairness sets a high standard for decentralized governance platforms, fostering trust and inclusivity among its users. Moreover, its adaptable architecture ensures flexibility and adaptability, capable of evolving alongside the dynamic needs of the Polkadot ecosystem. In summary, Gotem Dao’s positive impact on the Polkadot ecosystem is undeniable, paving the way for a decentralized future built on collaboration, innovation, and community empowerment.

I’m Ezenwa Ikechukwu


Hello Tawei Chang and team,

Congratulations on launching gotEM DAO, which aims to revolutionizing transparency and justice in information.

By empowering individuals and leveraging blockchain for transparent governance, gotEM has the potential to significantly impact how investigations are conducted globally.

I’m excited about the possibilities your project brings to the table, not just for the Polkadot community but for individuals, governments, and law enforcement worldwide.

Best wishes as you continue to develop gotEM. I look forward to seeing its positive impact unfold.


I like this project. I met Tawei in Hong Kong, and he is my friend. I think Gotem has the potential to avoid crimes in the real world. I know people who have been frauded by criminals in the digital environment, and that’s why I support this project. We need blockchain technologies to empower the community, and gotem is a way to do it. I will be pleased to see this project succeed. Tawei is naturally an entrepreneur, so I trust he has the skills to make a successful company.


I have never met or heard of these guys until today. Kudos! This is an excellent presentation and more importantly, one of the best business executions applied to a DAO that I have seen. How much are you raising or what are your needs?

As cryptocurrencies gain more users, there will be even more bad actors and victims. Your business will have continuous demand. You will definitely need to have a solid decentralized dispute resolution system in place and should carefully plan out governance to ensure voting power and control is not manipulated or or infiltrated by bad actors.

Congratulations and look forward to witnessing the many successes coming your way.


This initiative demonstrates a commendable commitment to leveraging technology for the greater good. By harnessing the power of decentralized applications and global collaboration, gotEM is poised to make significant strides in combating fraud and advancing justice worldwide. Their dedication to ethical practices and user privacy underscores their responsible approach to innovation. It’s inspiring to see how they prioritize governance and oversight to ensure transparency and accountability, ultimately working towards a more just and secure online environment.


This quiet interesting, it takes a deep thought, and creative mind seeking for solutions to come up with such an initiative.

The rate at which cyber crime is increasing, is quite alarming and knowing that there is a market where I can get a reliable private investigator, is a great relief!

I believe with a project like gotEM, the web3 space will become safer for everyone!

Looking forward to explore more of gotEM.


Nice project the team is building
Here is my thoughts about gotEM .
As we all know the tha there is rise in cyber crime especially in the crypto space
gotEM platform enables users to tackle pressing issues across private investigations, defense, cybersecurity, and humanitarian aid by leveraging a token-based system where users post cases, which are subsequently voted on by token holders; approved cases are rewarded with tokens from the platform’s treasury or directly from the user.
Nice work by the team


This project seems very special and amazing. I have not come across a project on the Crypto or decentralisation space that are specific about handling investigations. And this isn’t just about crypto fraud, it is going vast into helping individuals and the government with private investigations and law enforcement agencies and also human rights offices. It has indeed come to help solve specific needs. The crowd sourcing aspect of gotEM is really the best, one gets to have access to varieties and is not limited to a particular scope. The crowd funding aspect helps people with a mission but no funds to achieve their goal with crypto. The safety of the platform is recommendable. Welldone To The Team!.

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I don’t know who decided to send me a direct invitation link to this project, but definitely she get to the point. I do find this initiative with high potential in increasing community civil responsibility. It is a very well fairness play. In playing a role as a detective You have all my support. :innocent:


From my research, if there’s any project to be considered for this funding,it gotem with the following reasons I’ve actually thought of below…

After reading their whitepaper,it actually done on me that a group of experts could actually think of coming up with something to help with regulating online frauds,rug pool and scam projects that’s always looking out at milking it investors.

Another major green flag that has also gotten my attention in a way which also makes it stand out from other similar projects is the fact that they’re not trying to break into the space with a trial and error system,but rather they’re making use of already built techs that are currently proven like astar which goes a long way in making database easily collected while building theirs,with that alone,I feel it wont give room for any sort of potential fraud to go unnoticed in their radar.

Also,I really think this could possibly benefit the polkadot ecosystem as a whole because with time after great adoption of gotems vision,we could possibly more teams also coming in to the ecosystem to build things like dex,launchpad,lp lockers and all knowing that there’s top notch security in the ecosystem in divers forms,this will basically give alot of developers huge confidence to build more on polkadot just like whats happening right now on injective.

Lastly,I’ve also looked up their team and I must say that they’re very good at what they’re building,it actually takes a lot of insight to think of something this massive so I know they have good brilliant minds behind the project… if you ask me,I’d say give it to gotem.

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I am happy to express my support for the integration of GotEM DAO within the Polkadot ecosystem.

I am familiar with Ancilia and Chainalysis but gotEM’s approach utilizing crowdsourcing, crowdfunding and blockchain technology for a tamper-proof data is a revolutionary one and sets it miles apart.

I’m sure GotEM’s innovative approach combined with Polkadot’s interoperability and scalability will form a compelling partnership. I have never been much enthusiastic. Keep building :clap::clap:


I am thrilled about the fact that gotEM Investigations DAO is here to offer such a great web3 solution to combat fraud and misinformation. Another reason am so much happy about this project is the fact that its decentralized approach empowers users to contribute to investigations and security tasks, benefiting the Polkadot ecosystem. With a skilled team driving the project, gotEM stands out as a promising endeavor in the blockchain space web3 . Lets keep an eyes on this project and see what happens , although I believe they will create a very useful and great utilities especially in the Polkadot ecosystem.


I count myself lucky as it’s a privilege to be part of the gotEM DAO community. Thumbs up to Tawei Chang and his incredible team for bringing this opportunity to the world of web3.

My favorite part of this project is that it has real world use-cases and this being a decentralized investigation platform, I’m happy to show my 100% support to the very end.

Cyber crime has become a rampant issue in our Web3 world and anyone could be a victim of this menace. Let’s all join hands and work with gotEM on this mission and make it a complete success.

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After going through the write up above, I am marvelled. Technology came with it own disadvantages where people see it as an opportunity to commit crimes and defraud other vulnerable people in web3. This innovative solutions by gotEM is a welcome development and off course will boost the power of decentralisation which is the sole purpose of web3. This will in turn commit to the security it ensures in the Polkadot system. I have seen amazing features of security gotEM hopes to deploy in their efforts to combat this crimes and it will go a long to help both developers and users.

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As someone that has been in the web3 space for years now, i know how difficult it is to setup a project of great reputation as GotEM.

Tawei Chang and the team behind GotEM has done an incredible job in the web3 space and this effort can never go unnoticed. The security and safety of users in the internet remains a top priority and its good to see platforms like GotEM making this a reality.

Calling on support from individual,organizations and sectors to support this great project. It can only get better from here. kudos to the team!

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Gotem is one project I have my eyes on… One can only but imagine the possibilities made available by the team.

I am someone that has personally been a victim of cyber crimes like rug pull. I feel happy to see that there is a way on ground already to tackling these crimes and many more.

Bullish on the project! Let’s go!

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