Decentralized Futures Funding Application - YT Content Creation!

Hi Folks!

I currently have a YT channel (link at end of post) delivering daily news on the Crypto Ecosystem as a whole. Each and every day I make an 8-10 minute video covering the news and then towards the second half of the video I give my opinion on the article, my working background is in TradFi…

I have been thinking of making videos about Kusama and Polkadot for a while as I’m so passionate about the two and always find a way to promote them in my videos somehow if I can!

I’d like to apply for funding to quit my full time job from January, and deliver daily videos, but focussing exclusively on Kusama and Polkadot, this would include interviews with people within the space and I’d also like to interview others within crypto but outside Polkadot to try to call out false narratives in some of the other ecosystems. Currently I do voice-only videos but would obviously reveal my face going forward if I were successful in securing funding,

And so, my question is…would this be something that the Kusama/Polkadot community would see value in?
Thanks guys! Chris Kenyon - Enter Crypto[Enter Crypto YT Channel]