Web3 Grant / Treasury Small Spending proposal 1kv LearnPath

Hey There Polkadot Community!

I copy and paste my discussion also there. Need to recieve some feedbacks in order to proceed in the right way if throught treasury or web3grant.

Some additional suggestions recieved where linked to the native Language.
I’m evaluating the possibility to create a video clone with English Language all made by AI translation. This includes some more work and payed AI platform so i Think for that is necessary to add a 1000DOT to duplicate content and produce it in the English language. But lets discuss.

First Let me introduce my figure. My name is Luigi and i work as #Bitcoin & #Crypto content creator and Educator in the Italian Community. I’m in the crypto sector since 2015 and actively working on the web3 educational side since 2017-2018 with my small reality HandyCrypto.

I’m directly involved in Polkadot since 2 and a half years, participating actively on the consensus side with DevOps and mastermind operations behind Validators in the Dotsama Ecosystem. I truly believe that Polkadot needs his place on the amazing world of web3.

I also have a small youtube channel (2.45K Followers) with various video about #cyptocurrencies e #bitcoin. I do not make videos for a while but this opportunity could lead me to start a new dedicated path. Here some actual Parameters

With that discussion i want to introduce my idea of Educational content to help users in my region to fastly onboard on actual ecosystem an platforms.

MY primary goal is to produce a walkthrough for the 1KV Program, the most underrated program in the entire PoS networks. The focus will be on educating users from basics on configuring and managing a validator from scratch, along with guidance on applying to the 1KV program. Here the name of 1kv LearnPath

Considering the fact that this type of content could be so technical, we firstly start to "learn from basics’’ so i have written three levels of content complessity.

Milestone: Creating 3 Level of content

1. Learn from Basics

2. Intermediate

3. Advanced

Each content follows the same production structure and product delivery. Each content include:

  1. Video content [Italian language] Subtitled in ENG.
  2. Article Guide [Italian language] on Handycrypto.io
  3. Twitter Thread and LinkedIn post on HandyCrypto’s Profile.
  4. Any dedicated extra content such as public excels or github public repos.

Here the detailed 1kv LearnPath content.

1. Learn from Basics

1.1 What is Polkadot?

1.2 What could be Polkadot

1.3 What is Polkadot.js ? overview

1.4 Create and manage accounts

1.5 Security measure and hardware wallet integration

1.6 Send and recieve transaction + Explorer overview

1.7 What is Staking: Consensus protocol e Phragmen method

1.8 Staking: how to on Polkadot.js

1.9 Staking: choose the right validator

1.10 Nomination Pool: walkthrough

1.11 Staking.polkadot.network: Walkthrought

1.12 NPool and Staking on staking polkadot.network


2.1 What are Multisgs and “How to” on Polkadot.js

2.2 Create and Sign multisig transaction using Ledger

2.3 Identities: configure and verify

2.4 What are proxy & account abstraction

2.5 Pure proxy manage, proxy type explanation + test

2.6 Nomination pools: create and manage your pool

2.7 What is OpenGov

2.8 Opengov - how to delegate - how to vote - publish a proposal

Advanced | 1kv LearnPath

3.0 What is 1kv?

3.1 How to apply and Minimum requirements

3.2 Managing Account + optimal address + proxy map

3.3 what is a node - Node types - Pruned nodes - Validator and collator

3.4 Choose the right Server. Server Types

3.5 How to: Standard Hardening

3.6 Node Configure: Docker Mode + public repo Part1

3.7 Node Configure: Docker Mode + public repo Part2

3.8 Node Configure: Session Keys Part3

3.9 Monitoring: Graphana Part 1

3.10 Monitoring: Graphana Part 2

Ideal Requested Treasury Fund: 5705 DOT

I have structured a specific spreadsheet where you can see what could be the equal treasury request for all that content and operations. The production and publishing of all content requires 12 to 15 months

Please take into account that my final Goal is to create and share infos of my own 1kv Polkadot node, so the request has the final production cost a little bit higher than minimum requirements for node self stake. [Considering also also all the work behind the necessary Kusama 1kv validator that i don’t volountraly insert in the request]

Don’t want to tip or pay some fees to any Marketing agency, I hope that the community understands the importance and quality of the Educational path and evaluates this request correctly.