Decentralized Futures: Combining Forces to Connect the Dots

Hi Polkadot Community,

It’s an honor to engage with you all on this vibrant platform. Our team, a mix of experienced builders, creative marketers, passionate crypto natives, and staunch DOT supporters, are here to share a vision that could significantly propel the Polkadot ecosystem forward. Before we formalize our proposal for offering comprehensive PR, Event, Marketing, and Video Content services tailored for Polkadot, your insights would be invaluable.

Who We Are - Combining Forces to Create A Union of Vision and Expertise

Our collective strength is our diversity and profound understanding of the Polkadot ecosystem, technology, community, and the broader blockchain landscape. With decades of combined experience, our team spans the full spectrum of necessary skills - from strategic planning to execution in the dynamic crypto space.

DECENTRAL + Cryptonauts - Events Management, Public Relations, Media & Production Team

DCENTRAL is a leading community-based events facilitator focused on building and supporting the Web3 community globally. Featured in Vice News and other major publications, past notable speakers included Joseph Lubin, Charles Hoskinson, Timbaland and more. DCENTRAL is a multi-chain conference that uses a SXSW-style approach to Web3 events by bringing tech, culture, art and community together. In addition to our own events, we also organize, market and host events for others in Web3. Cryptonauts runs the media and content coverage for DCENTRAL and produces quality educational video content on Youtube, not to mention content marketing, PR and press coverage and covering the best global Web3 conferences and top speakers.

Paperclip Partners - Advisory, Strategy, Marketing, Ecosystem Growth, and Business Development team

Paperclip Partners, as a web3 native investment and advisory firm, brings its deep expertise in the blockchain industry to our collaboration, focusing on strategic advisory, marketing, ecosystem growth, and business development. Leveraging our combined insights and networks, we aim to establish impactful influencer partnerships and execute influencer marketing strategies that align with the core objectives of Polkadot.

Our Vision for Polkadot

  1. Brand Visibility and Relevance: We aim to elevate Polkadot’s stature in the crypto conversation through strategic PR campaigns, influential podcast partnerships, and compelling content marketing, positioning it prominently in the Asia-Pacific region and beyond.

  2. User Experience and Accessibility: Proposing a UI/UX overhaul in collaboration with Parity’s engineering team, we plan to simplify interaction across Polkadot platforms and create educational content to ease the learning curve for new users.

  3. Narrative and Community Engagement: By developing a clear, engaging brand narrative and aligning with emerging trends through hackathons and partnerships, we’re set on strengthening Polkadot’s community bonds and presence.

  4. Technical and Development Hurdles: Initiatives like developer support programs and enhanced parachain accessibility will be deployed to encourage and retain talent within the Polkadot ecosystem.

  5. Leadership and Representation: We believe in cultivating visible leadership within the ecosystem to serve as spokespersons, thus enhancing Polkadot’s representation and appeal.


Our proposal is underpinned by our deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities within the Polkadot ecosystem. Here’s why we’re uniquely positioned to lead this charge:

Unmatched Expertise Across the Digital Spectrum

Our team is an eclectic mix of Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 visionaries, encompassing a full spectrum of capabilities from events, media, PR, advisory, strategy, marketing, ecosystem growth, to business development. This 360-degree coverage ensures a holistic approach to solving Polkadot’s visibility and relevance issues, making us uniquely equipped to enhance its brand positioning and narrative coherence in the crypto landscape.

Hollywood-Caliber Creative Leadership

The creative force behind our strategies is none other than a top-tier Hollywood creative director with a history of crafting impactful messages for the world’s biggest stages, including Super Bowl commercials. Our pedigree of work with advertising giants like Saatchi & Saatchi and collaboration with creative luminaries like Neal Brennan underlines our capability to revamp Polkadot’s branding and messaging, ensuring it captures the imagination of both current and potential stakeholders.

Proven Track Record with Leading Crypto Projects

Our advisory board comprises early investors and advisors to blockchain titans such as Ethereum, Solana, and Avalanche, reflecting our deep-rooted understanding of the crypto ecosystem’s intricacies. Coupled with our extensive experience in guiding numerous crypto projects across all phases of go-to-market strategy, marketing, business development, and ecosystem growth, we bring a wealth of knowledge and a proven success template to the table.

Deep Insider Knowledge of Polkadot

Our team’s composition, including an ex-Parity team member, endows us with an insider’s perspective on Polkadot’s architecture and vision. This intimate understanding allows us to navigate its complexities and craft solutions that are not only practical but deeply synergistic with Polkadot’s core ethos and technological framework.

Premier Event Management and Community Building

DCENTRAL, our industry-leading event management capability, stands as a testament to our ability to knit together vibrant communities. In the fragmented and fast-evolving crypto space, our prowess in organizing landmark events acts as a magnet, drawing in enthusiasts, developers, and thought leaders to rally around Polkadot, fostering a robust, engaged community.

Extensive Influence and Network

Our strategic relationships with key opinion leaders and influencers across the crypto sphere extend our reach and amplify our message. By leveraging this vast network, we can significantly enhance Polkadot’s visibility, making it top of mind for builders, investors, and users alike, thereby driving adoption and ultimately contributing to its market performance.


Our team represents the confluence of vision, expertise, and proven success in the realms of blockchain and marketing. We are poised to rekindle interest in Polkadot, transforming it into a beacon of innovation, collaboration, and growth. By choosing us, Polkadot will not only reclaim its rightful place at the forefront of the crypto conversation but will also set new benchmarks for what a decentralized network can achieve in terms of user adoption, community engagement, and market valuation. Together, let’s make Polkadot not just relevant, but indispensable.

Thanks for your time, and attention! We’re excited to put our ideas into action and eagerly await your feedback.

Justin Wu

Hey Justin! Love to see more eager marketers jump into the space. It does seem like there’s quite a bit of overlap with the services that Distractive, Decentered Studio, Lunar Strategy, Colorful Notion, and others are already providing. Perhaps it makes sense to sync on this and see where we have gaps that you & your team could help fill?

The video you link includes an old Polkadot logo here and elsewhere. That branding was replaced around two years ago:
(Current branding can be found here)

It also includes at least one misspelling:

I only watched a minute or so, but it’s not a great first impression–and marketers, of all people, should know how to make a good first impression.

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