Welcome to the Ecosystem Resource Center by Distractive

Who is Distractive?

Distractive is a full-service marketing agency committed to nurturing the growth of the Polkadot ecosystem. Thanks to the Web3 Foundation Decentralized Futures grant, we are proud to serve as a cornerstone provider of marketing services for Polkadot in 2024. Our mission? To be a guiding force steering Polkadot toward a bright future. Curious about our approach and our initial strides? You can check out our story here.

Ecosystem Resource Center

The Ecosystem Resource Center is your go-to destination for all things marketing in the Polkadot ecosystem. Packed with essential brand assets, co-marketing resources, and a wealth of useful links, this dynamic repository is designed to evolve continuously to meet the needs of builders, teams, content creators, and users across the ecosystem. This is just version 1 of the resource center, and it will continue to evolve, so we are eager to get your feedback so we can continue to make it better.

What’s in the Resource Center?

  • Builders and teams can access co-marketing guidelines and request forms available in the Resource Center to collaborate with Polkadot’s marketing efforts.
  • By leveraging Polkadot’s brand assets, such as branded slide decks and event branding guidelines, teams can enhance the visibility of their projects and reach a wider audience through official channels.
  • By incorporating branding and messaging into communication strategies, content creators can ensure consistency in messaging and reinforce Polkadot’s core values across various platforms.
  • Through the Resource Center, teams can stay updated on Polkadot’s events calendar and access resources for hosting their own events.
  • By utilizing event branding guidelines and event photo galleries, teams can create immersive experiences that reflect Polkadot’s vision of a decentralized future and engage with the community in meaningful ways.

By empowering everyone with the tools and knowledge needed to thrive in the ecosystem, the Resource Center’s goal is to catalyze collaboration, foster innovation, and propel Polkadot toward its collective vision of a decentralized future.

What We Are Working On

  1. Events in a Box -all the resources teams need for a branded Polkadot event
  2. Proposal in a box - all the resources teams need to create a proposal
  3. Polkadot Blog Guidelines + Template (for external request)
  4. Events quarterly report - KPI’s and results of Distractive’e events efforts in detail
  5. GTM and Marketing Primer

What is Live Now

  1. Ecosystem Marketing

  2. Co-marketing guidelines for announcements

  3. Polkadot blog guidelines

  4. Ecosystem co-marketing request form for amplification of product launches, collaborations, and more

  5. Branding

  6. Link to the Polkadot Brand Hub

  7. Polkadot branded slide decks to copy and use

  8. Event banner repo

  9. Narrative & Messaging

  10. Polkadot booklet printable PDF

  11. “Why Polkadot” list of popular crypto narratives with corresponding ecosystem projects and where to find them (a work in progress)

  12. Events

  13. 2024 Events Calendar

  14. Events funding link to Polkadot Events Bounty

  15. Events Services

  16. Event photo gallery

  17. Event branding guidelines

  18. Polkadot “Events-in-a-Box” (coming soon)

  19. Digital Marketing

  20. Social media guidelines for the official Polkadot accounts

  21. Form for co-marketing requests including social media amplification and other marketing collaboration opportunities

  22. Contact for implementing decentralized social media frameworks for the Polkadot ecosystem

  23. Contact for Influencer Marketing Resources

  24. Media Relations

  25. PR amplification options

  26. Press highlights

  27. The Kusamarian News Amplification contact information

  28. Marketing Resources

  29. GTM & Marketing Primer example

  30. Transparency Reports - events and campaigns

  31. Other Available Services

  32. Link to SDK and XCM Monitoring Server

  33. OpenGov information and links

  34. Educational content

  35. Ecosystem analytics

  36. Decentralized Voices program information

We’re on a mission to make the Ecosystem Resource Center the ultimate marketing resource for all Polkadot contributors. Your feedback is invaluable – let us know what else you’d like to see and how we can make this even more useful. Together, we are building a bright future for Polkadot. You can reach out to us at ecosystem@distractive.xyz.


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This is helpful for all marketers in Web3 and Polkadot! I have some ideas on what we can also include in the Ecosystem Resource Center page - will share an email over.

Thank you for sharing!

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Great job and quality work with the details Distractive Team!

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