Decentralized Futures Programme: Polkadot Marketing Launchpad

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As marketers invested in, and from within the Polkadot ecosystem - we have come to understand and experience the challenges that ecosystem leaders and marketing teams face. As a team, we have discussed these challenges extensively with potential opportunities to overcome them. As part of these discussions, we have highlighted the incredible dApps and projects that are part of our ecosystem as key USPs for Polkadot.

There are many opinions about what Polkadot marketing needs. We didn’t want to rely just on our opinion. Hence, we conducted a survey with key members of the ecosystem to validate or disprove our assumptions about what would benefit Polkadot and its ecosystem most. We then hosted a space to openly discuss and gather community feedback and dedicated extensive efforts to researching and discussing plans and frameworks to help support marketing teams throughout the Polkadot ecosystem.

We believe that as Web3 natives with a wealth of marketing experience, we can provide a marketing launchpad for Polkadot that will help develop the marketing capability of the ecosystem, support ecosystem teams and deliver momentum to the space.

Our team of 5 boasts a collective with 60+ years of experience in performance marketing, with each member contributing over a decade of expertise in their respective fields. Over the course of our careers, we’ve collaborated with brands such as Sony, Nike, Binance, Marvel, Capcom, Aventus, and Astar in addition, have garnered marketing experience with projects in external ecosystems such as Arbitrum, BNB Chain, Avalanche, Near and Polygon. We are active players in the Web3 space, committed to equipping ambitious Web3 projects with the necessary tools and connections for success and passionate about further the development of Polkadot.

In response to feedback from ecosystem participants, we are confident that the Polkadot Marketing Launchpad aligns with the needs of teams, providing critical marketing support. To ensure widespread accessibility, the programme is intentionally designed to be highly scalable and open, while incorporating a “gated” experience and participation incentives.

Our research has highlighted key challenges within the ecosystem that we aim to address:

  • Teams possess limited marketing resources, both human and financial
  • Teams struggle to track, and therefore optimize, the KPIs steering growth
  • Desire to connect with like minded professionals, discuss marketing materials and collaborate
  • Lack of access to best-in-class tools and best practices know-how
  • Identifying and promoting best talent within the ecosystem

The Polkadot Marketing Launchpad is a programme designed to increase ecosystem user acquisition and retention by supporting ecosystem marketing teams through education, mentorship, and an appropriate set of incentives.

The three-month launchpad programme consists of four key pillars aimed at identifying and empowering top marketing talent, while echoing and amplifying their success across the ecosystem. Participants will be equipped with an actionable knowledge base and hands-on training to practically implement the covered methodologies.

This launchpad will act as a foundational effort across the whole of 2024 to enable marketing advancement across the ecosystem. A brief description of each of the key pillars of the programme is provided below.

:books: Knowledge Base

A curated curriculum of actionable and digestible Frameworks, Blueprints and Case Studies, covering topics such as campaign planning, performance and analytics, user acquisition and retention strategies, and marketing function structuring.

A practical curriculum and an engaging social environment are key to helping any project founders, builders, and marketers set and achieve their marketing objectives. The core project team will collaborate with education consultants in order to produce first-class study materials and an engaging educational experience.

:handshake: Online Community

A Discord-based, moderated community of marketing professionals. It will be a collaborative environment where participants can seek support, and ask any Knowledge Base or other marketing related questions. Community engagement will be factored in when considering Mentorship Programme applications.

Regular community calls will be organized, including Knowledge Base Material Walkthroughs, Marketing AMAs, and Initiative Updates.

:busts_in_silhouette: Mentorship Programme

The Mentorship Programme will be the key vehicle used to empower the marketing talent. Its alumni become catalysts for the spread of best practices among ecosystem teams.

The core project team will select 20 highly motivated and engaged community members working on current projects within the ecosystem. This will be the first of two waves of Mentees to gain access to 24 hours of 1-to-1 mentorship sessions delivered over three months.

Mentors, limited to 10, will consist of 5 core project team members and 5 vetted community members. This group will work as one unit to understand, address, and service the needs of each Mentee. Thus, Mentees can benefit from access to any or multiple Mentors at any given time. It’s like having a squad of superheroes to support you on your quest!

:trophy: Marketing Hackathon

The Marketing Hackathon will mobilize the community and create a competitive environment for generating solutions to the most pressing marketing issues.

Each Marketing Hackathon will feature a prize pool of 100,000 USD, with the participants split between onsite and online.

The winners will be selected through a joint decision between Mentors and the Polkadot Ecosystem community.

We’re super excited about the Polkadot Marketing Launchpad, and look forward to discussing this initiative further with the wider community. We hope you are too!

:question: Got questions? We will be happy to answer those below.

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It’s nice to see such a diligent proposal by such an experienced and knowledgeable team. Love the use of surveys and data gathering initiatives which serve as the foundation of your approach. This is a comprehensive pitch which would be great to see rolled out!


Interesting initiative! I’m a big fan of education and “teaching a person to fish”. Looking forward to seeing this rolled out in the ecosystem.


Solid approach by teaching, agree with @vincentchan!

I love the marketing hackathon idea too! never heard of it before. It will definitely get traction and attract talents.


This is definitely a great value add for all the teams who might not have the marketing resource or expertise available to them for various reasons. Imo this is a gap you have quite rightly identified which deserves serious consideration. It’s important all teams are on a even keel when it comes to knowledge and exchange of knowledge so no 1 team is left behind.

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Agree with everything mentioned above - this is a excellent idea that has the potential to bring a lot of value to the whole eco. The better each individual team markets themselves, the stronger the overall marketing for Polkadot becomes.

And if it counts for anything, having worked closely with @dgencitizen for the past year or so, I can confidently say that both his expertise and his dedication to the community are unparalleled.


Love the idea of a the three month Launch Pad program and a shared Knowledge Base to pool marketing resources/talent and keep costs as low as possible for all the teams in the eco. Nice work and looking forward to learning more.


Thank you for the kind words @DrLoaded.

We will be sharing more details soon, stay tuned! :eyes:


Thanks for your support @vincentchan

Having seen and participated in delivering PBA and Developer Heroes programmes, “Teaching to fish” seems to be something community is hungry for. We do indeed see a lot of untapped potential in this concept applied to marketeers in the space.


@Alex_Houdz - thank you ser! :dog:

We are looking to keep hackathons pretty lean for the first year, which is the POC period. With that said, we do have a very grand vision as to how these could grow considerably in the future.

Attracting talent and Web3 native marketeers was a common point raised in our survey, as well as other conversations we participated in. It is most definitely one of our goals!

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Fantastic proposal! This is personally one of my favourite proposals I’m hoping will be approved so we can truly see some concrete, thorough, and well-executed marketing done for the Polkadot ecosystem! Well done.


This seems well thought out to me, an efficient way to have a lasting impact.


I really like the idea of sharing knowledge and resources and empowering ecosystems teams through teaching and mentoring. The proposal is well researched, thoughtful and considered and fills a real gap. Looking forward to seeing it implemented!


Great initiative and better team. Fully support this! Good luck!

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