Decentralized Futures Proposal: Programmatic Advertising via HypeLab

Decentralized Futures Proposal: Programmatic Advertising via HypeLab, the premier web3 ad network

Hello Polkadot Community,

We are thrilled to present a forthcoming proposal from HypeLab, the leading web3 ad network, aimed at strengthening the Polkadot ecosystem through strategic advertising initiatives.


HypeLab ( is a web3 advertising network that helps ecosystems acquire high value crypto users & helps projects within that ecosystem become economically independent by monetizing their digital inventory. HypeLab is aligned with the Decentralized Futures mission to expand the network by attracting new users, builders, and attention to the Polkadot ecosystem.

We have a proven track record of success having run campaigns for top web3 companies like Paypal, Metamask, Uniswap, Moonbeam, ThorChain, MagicEden, 1inch, Quicknode, Bitrefill, Aleo, Immutable, CowSwap, Bittrex, and hundreds more. Many are repeating clients and rely on HypeLab as their exclusive web3 programmatic advertising partner.

We are seeking Decentralized Futures’ support to finance a 3-month advertising campaign via the HypeLab network. Our aim is to reinforce Polkadot’s narrative to drive further user growth within the ecosystem, through brand awareness and performance marketing efforts.

Campaign Summary:

With a focus on reaching all key segments within the crypto space, we will strategically distribute the Polkadot brand across many of the top publishing properties in web3 such as CoinGecko, Etherscan, Unchained Crypto, QuickSwap, Chainlist, The Defiant, and hundreds more. We aim to not only enhance Polkadot’s visibility but also boost exposure for pivotal projects within its ecosystem, such as: Manta Network, Moonbeam, PeaQ, Phala, Astar, and others.

The core Polkadot Brand Awareness campaign will run throughout the entire three-month period, complemented by four shorter campaigns focusing on specific narratives as follows:

  • Onboarding to Polkadot: One-month campaign directing new users to Polkadot platforms and educating them about the ecosystem.
  • DeFi Elevation: One-month campaign promoting Polkadot-based DeFi applications to enthusiasts and traders.
  • Tech Innovation: One-month campaign showcasing Polkadot’s technological advancements and targeting web3 developers.
  • Wider Ecosystem Spotlight: One-month campaign highlighting diverse projects and collaborations within the Polkadot ecosystem to attract potential partners and user

Target Audience & Reach:

HypeLab boasts a vast global presence, serving over 1 billion ad impressions monthly across top-tier web3 platforms. Our network effectively reaches high-value web3 users, with up to 60% of ad viewers using browsers with wallets installed and 15% actively using dApps.

Advanced Targeting:

HypeLab utilizes advanced ML models for on-chain and contextual targeting, ensuring ads reach the most relevant users. By analyzing wallet data, we tailor ads based on users’ on-chain activities, such as their use of DeFi, NFTs, and various EVM chains.

Key User Groups:

  • Developers: We place ads on sites like Chainlist, which attracts developers and those who have previously deployed smart contracts.
  • DeFi Enthusiasts: Our exclusive partnerships with DEXs like QuickSwap allow us to reach active DeFi users, ideal for promoting Polkadot’s DeFi platforms.

By leveraging these targeting strategies, HypeLab ensures maximum relevance and performance for Polkadot’s advertising campaigns.

Example (Mock up) ad placement:

HypeLab Commitment: End-to-end campaign management

  1. Preparation:
  • Pre-launch planning, creative development, and targeting strategy.
  • In-house design team to create 50+ high-quality ad creatives for Polkadot, aligned with campaign objectives.
  1. Campaign Execution:
  • Use HypeLab’s web3 publisher network for strategic ad placement.
  • Launch main brand awareness campaign within 3 weeks of payment.
  • Roll out subsequent campaigns as per the timeline.
  1. Performance Monitoring & Optimization:
  • Continuously track and adjust campaign strategies to optimize ROAS.
  • Weekly reviews to assess and tweak performance.
  1. Reporting:
  • Monthly public reports detailing key metrics like ad impressions, clicks, and engagement rates.
  • Final comprehensive campaign analysis and report.

Request for Feedback

We value your feedback on this proposal. Please share your thoughts, suggestions, and questions with us. Your input is crucial as we finalize our plans and begin implementation

Thank you for your time and collaboration!

Best regards,

Joe Kim
Co-Founder/CEO, HypeLab
Contact Email: