Candidacy for DV Delegate - FrancisXiaoBu

Dear Polkadot Community Members,

I am FrancisXiaoBu, a seasoned developer from Malaysia with 17 years of experience. In 2017, I began studying the Bitcoin codebase and became deeply fascinated by blockchain technology ever since. I am a passionate supporter and long-term holder of DOT, actively participating in and contributing to the development of the Polkadot ecosystem. I founded the bujingclub community three years ago, which has become a renowned Chinese Web3 community in Malaysia, maintaining good relationships with numerous exchanges and projects. I am an active user on social media platforms and frequently attend various Web3 gatherings and conferences.

My Polkadot address is: 16JUJFANw7LHEBYsyyykYogBotUxgqSCQswEWbZ1rTPGuN5s

I aspire to become a member of the Decentralized Voice committee because I have noticed a lack of representation from Southeast Asia and even the broader Asian region within the Polkadot community. This has resulted in many user voices and concerns not being adequately conveyed to the community. I hope that through this appointment, I can amplify and reflect the voices from various regions.

I will leverage my DOT holdings to continuously advocate for the interests of Southeast Asian users. In the coming days, I will become more active within the Polkadot community, actively participating in voting and community affairs. I have already formulated a plan to gradually increase my involvement in the Polkadot community, aiming to establish a closer connection with the community in the future.

My governance philosophy focuses on users and infrastructure development, as reflected in the following aspects:

  1. Invest significant resources into building robust infrastructure to ensure a familiar and intuitive experience for users when engaging with Polkadot tools.
  2. Allocate resources for offline events to expand Polkadot’s influence among users.
  3. Review the development direction of the Polkadot team and provide suggestions and opinions that better serve the interests of users.
  4. Increase investment in business development (BD) to support more small-scale events.
  5. Reject ineffective resource utilization and insist that every solution must yield tangible returns.

Finally, allow me to share some personal thoughts. Although I hold a considerable amount of DOT, I have been somewhat lazy in the past, believing that voting results were irrelevant to me. It wasn’t until xiaojie from PolkaWorld invited me to join a voting group that I realized every voice truly matters. If everyone gives up out of fear of failure, democracy loses its meaning. I believe that every user should strive for their own interests, and the purpose of OpenGov is to facilitate this. Therefore, I have mustered the courage to recommend myself as a Decentralized Voice delegate.

I sincerely hope to gain your support and trust as we work together to foster a more diverse and thriving Polkadot ecosystem. Thank you!


XiaoBu is super active in the Malaysia community and he is long-term DOT holder, if we want to hear the voice from Malaysia, I think XiaoBu is the option we don’t want to miss! I would like to share my support here!



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