Albert (I Love Cripto) Application to Participate in Descentralized Voices

Hello everyone,

My name is Albert, and I have been the Head Ambassador of Polkadot in Spain since 2020. Throughout my time in the Polkadot ecosystem, I have been dedicated to actively strengthening and promoting its development and adoption within the Spanish-speaking community.

Below, I provide the requested information for my application:

Polkadot Wallet Addresses:

  • Polkadot: 1yCg8NSCgjS4K5KDK5DZGhxUCxmgVyhyG6vBPn5wqUmLuYo

Statement of Political Philosophy:

My philosophy in Polkadot governance is based on the fundamental principles of impartiality, transparency, and respect for all network participants. I am committed to making objective and well-founded decisions for the benefit of Polkadot and its ecosystem.

In each governance proposal I participate in, I will strive to clearly express my viewpoints, explaining my reasons for voting in favor, against, or abstaining. I consider it crucial to maintain respectful and constructive dialogue with all proposers, acknowledging their diverse perspectives and contributions to the network’s development.

I firmly believe in the importance of ensuring inclusive and equitable participation of all communities in governance. I will work to facilitate a transparent and accessible process, promoting a broader understanding of decisions affecting Polkadot.

Reasons for Consideration in This Program:

As the Head Ambassador of Polkadot in Spain, I have led successful initiatives to promote participation and understanding among the Spanish-speaking community in Polkadot governance. I have organized several notable events, including Polkadot World Barcelona, Polkadot World Madrid, Polkadot Hackathon Latam, Polkadot Prodigy Hackathon, and the Polkadot Ambassador Gathering. Additionally, I serve as an event curator for the Spanish Bounty, a member of the BD team in Spain and Andorra, and a curator for the meetups Bounty. I have also created another bounty to provide technical support to companies like Banco Santander, assisting them throughout the technical processes involving Polkadot. I have organized educational events and created relevant content to emphasize the importance of active participation in network decisions.

Additionally, I intend to revive a Telegram group dedicated to discussing voting proposals, fostering open debates and community participation.

Commitment to Outreach and Education:

I plan to create weekly videos explaining governance proposals, highlighting their importance and potential impact on the Polkadot ecosystem. This will help keep the Spanish-speaking community informed and engaged.

I sincerely appreciate the consideration of my application and hope to have the opportunity to contribute significantly to the continued development and success of Polkadot.

Thank you for considering my application!


Hi! Here Adrián from Coin Reference, just want to leave here me totally support to Albert within Decentralized Voices programe. Polkadot Spain is secured by Albert. He has a lot of experience within the ecosystem and has a good Spanish-speaking community. Ty!


Thank you Adrián for your support!!!

Hi Albert, I had the opportunity to attend your events in Madrid and Barcelona; people joined in at both events, and the spaces were full. Thank you for your kindness, as you have always been available to understand the ecosystem in Portugal and value our commitment. You have my support.


As a member of the Spanish-speaking community, I have witnessed in first person what Albert has done to lead the community, try to keep it healthy and grow it. All my confidence in him to become part of this program.


Albert has demonstrated great courage and professionalism in his time within the Polkadot ecosystem, as well as an innate concern for the proper development of governance.

My support for him.


yeess, Albert is a lead at the region of Spain he´s helping the ambassador and pushing Polkadot at the region


This is a great way to keep the community informed. A lot happens in open Gov, and it’s very difficult ( and overwhelming) to keep up with everything.

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I support Albert as he is very devoted ambassador of Polkadot for several years. The plan of creating weekly videos talking about governance is a really good idea, we at Polkadotters are doing weekly comments on Twitter and also monthly Governance news, which helps not just understand our rationales behind voting, but also sometimes understand the broader picture to the wider audience. I am sure Albert could be a great DV delegate.


I know Albert for more than 4 years through the Polkadot Ambassador Program. He is active since, understands the values and the ecosystem well. Aye for him as a DV!


Obrigado Miguel! See you soon!

Thank you so much Isabel! I really appreciate your comment. Hope to see you soon!

Thank you very much, Chris! You are right! sometimes it is very difficult to follow all the proposals, especially given their complexity. I will do my best if I’m selected!

Gracias Bra!!! Good luck with your application!

Hi Paul, thank you very much for your kind words! They mean a lot to me. You are an example of how things should be done! Good job, team, and see you in the next cohort or Polkadot Decoded! :wink:

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Thank you very much, Six! These words are very important, especially coming from someone like you! Good luck with your application as well! You deserve it!

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“We fully support Albert. If anyone in the Spanish community deserves a voice, it is undoubtedly Albert. He has been demonstrating his commitment and good judgment for years.”

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Thank you very much Fredy!!! The OG!

We need Spanish speaking voices. Albert is a reference for the community, he has always led great initiatives for the common good and the growth of Polkadot. A great voice to be heard in the Spanish speaking world.

Thanks and Gl Albert.

Agent #14

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Thank you Nachito for your kindy words!