Application to be a Delegate to the Decentralized Voices Program - Caesar

Hi, my name is Caesar. I am part of the Founding/Core Team of XODE, the Philippines’ first blockchain in the Kusama Network. Our journey started in 2022 when we won 3rd place in the Polkadot Hackathon North America Edition with HumiDefi in the DeFi category. We are new to the party, having won the Kusama Auction 136 on Apr 2, 2024. I am applying for a DV. My contribution to the ecosystem is likewise seminal at best: mainly in spreading the Polkadot and Web3 gospel in intimate meet-ups like “Web3 Bootcamp” and large special events like the 10th ICT Congress of the University of Cebu. I recently spoke on how Polkadot is potentially “the blockchain of blockchains” in an inaugural event attended by about 50 enthusiasts including six (6) Japanese investors “A Glimpse Into The Future of Web3” at Enspace in Cebu, Philippines. I was interviewed by Jay Chrawnna of The Kusamarian who featured XODE as one of “ten surprising demos in the networking hall.” Also at sub0 Asia 2024 in Bangkok, I was interviewed by Simon Hipkins of Key Pictures and will be featured in his upcoming web documentary series “Behind The Code 2” and how XODE is riding this unstoppable Polkadot train that will make other blockchains irrelevant with its true interoperability, ease of use, open gov, agility and resilience among others. My advocacy is providing real-world solutions to real-world problems using Polkadot. While financial inclusivity and “banking the unbanked” still sounds sexy, I am in constant search for use cases with practical solutions to the “no-income” root disease using the Polkadot ethos, and not just the “unbanked” symptom. This is my thinking: what do they (the economically disadvantaged) have a lot of here and now and how can we arrive at possible feasible solutions using Polkadot? And thus far: 1) They have a lot of time; and 2) they have mobile phones. Leveraging Polkadot’s ethos and technology, there’s a light at the end of the proverbial tunnel!

Why I think I would be a good choice.
The drive to always be part of the solution and not the problem has developed in me the problem-and-solution approach to everyday life. How can we create use cases that address real-world problems using Polkadot? For instance, I voted to support #655 Proposal of BlakMikMak because this is aligned with my approach in life. I will continue to support projects and use cases that impact our daily lives in a realistic if not in-your-face manner. Like XODE’s soon-to-be-onboarded Xrewards, a rewards program leveraging over 10,000 POS clients needing customer loyalty programs.


Hey @johnnykawa , this is amazing! I just wanted to give another big congrats to us again, the XODE team. It’s seriously inspiring to see how our journey kicked off with snagging 3rd place in the Polkadot Hackathon and has now led us to winning the Kusama Auction 136.

As a member of the XODE team, I’m fully behind you 100%. Your dedication to being part of the solution and backing projects that make a real-world impact really shines. It shows your leadership and vision within the blockchain community. I truly believe your contributions make you an invaluable asset, and I’m all in for supporting your application for a DV. Keep up the fantastic work!


Thank you for your kind words, Sir Oliver! We have a long way to go, but your support inspires! Thank you!

I’ve known @johnnykawa for over two decades. His dedication to his craft is remarkable, evident in every endeavor he chooses to pursue. He adapts and learns new technology with ease, utilizing them to solve problems encountered not only in his work or business but also in day-to-day life. As a Polkadot DV, he would be more than capable of executing the roles and expectations bestowed upon him by the community within the Polkadot ecosystem. He not only promotes our Parachain Xode but also the entire Polkadot ecosystem to non-technical individuals and ordinary folks who may not have even heard about blockchain or Web3. He articulates the philosophy and vision of Web3 very well to ordinary people, sparking excitement and encouraging them to join the revolution. Good luck sir @johnnykawa. :grinning:


It looks like this is your only vote so far in OpenGov, or have you been active with other accounts?

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Yes, it was my first one. Others to follow as I see others that align with our thinking and mindset. Thanks for your feedback, @mister_cole !