Agile Coretime coming to Kusama

Anticipation is building as we prepare to launch Agile Coretime! It’s the new way for builders to access Polkadot’s blockspace, introduced last year on Polkadot Decoded by Gavin Wood.

Agile Coretime brings a new era to Polkadot, democratizing blockchain access and opening the door to everyone building a custom, sovereign project. It removes the previous auction model and other barriers to entry, enabling builders to launch and innovate quickly.

After 9 months of deep development, around 315 commits, 79 changed files, 12K LOC, sweaty heads and hands, days and nights on Club-Mate, we are excited to announce that the time has come to roll this baby out. Just as a parent releases their child’s hand on the first day of school, we’re preparing to send Agile Coretime out into the Kusama network to embark on its own journey of growth and development.

Agile Coretime will be included in the upcoming runtime release from the Polkadot Technical Fellowship, which will soon be up for voting on OpenGov. In the meanwhile, we invite you to welcome this feature with us and have prepared a FAQ that should help you to get onboarded to the concepts behind it and make the most out of its capabilities.

Since also we want to grow and develop for the better, we’re collecting feedback on the FAQ and documentation of Agile Coretime so that Teams onboarding to Polkadot have it easier. Whatever annoys, confuses or frustrates you, feel free to speak out loud and let us know and we will try our best to correct it.


…and the referenda are out for voting :tada::fire::bomb:
With #372 registering the Coretime Chain and #373 upgrading Kusama to the most recent Fellowship runtime release, which will migrate all leases to Coretime.

Be aware that the auctions will stop directly with the enactment of the runtime upgrade and current leases will be migrated to bulk coretime automatically, leases that have yet not started will be cancelled and your locked KSM refunded.

The purchase of coretime will only be possible after passing a separate referendum that will start the sale of coretime via the Coretime chain, this referendum will be opened after enactment of the runtime upgrade. All current leases are secured until then, even if your lease is about to expire between the time after migration and before the sales start. Please refer to the graph below for a clearer understanding and better insight:


Thanks for the updates @joyce!

Is someone in contact with the parachain teams that will be affected first by the upgrade?

How is the ideal staking rate calculated after transitioning to Coretime? Or will it be a fixed number?
Can we see these numbers intuitively on polkadot.js or

yes we have @Birdo and @santi taking care of it


Hi, is there already an approximate exact launch date for CoreTime on Kusama? not just the first or second quarter, but more precisely which month…I think the launch of CoreTime on Kusama will be quiet, no one will know about it… No marketing advertising about CoreTime on kusama… After all, Kusama is just an experimental network and nothing more…((((

given a successful voting we can expect Coretime to be live on Kusama on Apr 18th


Thanks for the reply… We will wait and hope that everything will be fine

You can see the ideal staking rate on polkadot.js. If you open Network > Staking > Overview

With the runtime upgrade v1.0.0 the ideal staking rate was changed to 75% minus the amount of all active Parachains (that are not System Parachains) capped to a maximum of 60 Parachains, so the staking rate moves between 75% and 55% (on Polkadot, 45% on Kusama). But with the upcoming changes, it is something that needs to be reconsidered and changed via governance.

Yes, I know there’s an ideal staking rate on polkadot.js, but it always displays as 75%, which is causing confusion :frowning: Hope this issue can be resolved during the Coretime launch.

I’ve opened an issue a while ago here but it hasn’t been fixed until today.

With coretime the mechanism of scaling the ideal staking rate with active parachains is slowly becoming obsolete. Going forward, I think the best way is to set it as a constant, because the system does not need to deal with variable shares of total issuance being locked in parachain slots.


Following up on this, and preparing for the release of coretime, I prepared a tool so that each team would know, when things are fully migrated, what they can expected. This assumes that sales start at block 22_793_600, which is in line with the referenda that was submitted yesterday.

Repo is here: GitHub - SBalaguer/coretime-migration: Tracking of coreitme expectations for Parachains.


The output of the tool looks something like this:

    paraID: 2084,
    name: 'Calamari',
    coreUntilBlock: 23160700,
    renewCoreAtSaleNumber: 1

Each paraID that has a slot on Kusama and/or Polkadot will be represented in this list. The output shows until which block the paraID has a core (coreUntilBlock) and at which coretime sale the paraID has to renew its core.

In this case, paraID 2084 will have a core until block 23_160_700, however will have to renew this core during sale cycle 1.


It’s important to point out that with the current configuration, every team that has LP37 as a last LP will have the chance to renew their core, they won’t need to buy a new one on the open market. This means that during the first “renewal” period of the coretime sale cycle (which is interlude_length long), these team will have a chance to just renew their core.

Teams that need to pay attention

Teams that have LP37 as their last LP and will have to renew their core, are:

  • paraID: 2084 → Calamari
  • paraID: 2124 → Amplitude
  • paraID: 2092 → Kintsugi
  • paraID: 2015 → Integritee
  • paraID: 2087 → Picasso
  • paraID: 2088 → Altair

Note: this does not consider the ongoing auction that has Integritee going against paraID 3347


I’d like to know… and what do we have there about burning KSM coins after switching to Core time?I kind of heard that DOT will have coin burning. It is those coins that are paid for blocks.

DOT/KSM used to purchase coretime will be “burnt” please see more information here re: coretime

and here re: burning Burn Revenue from Coretime Sales by jonasW3F · Pull Request #10 · polkadot-fellows/RFCs · GitHub

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