Polkadot Summit ASIA - 2024

Polkadot Summit ASIA - 2024

The fourth Polkadot Summit took place on the 11th March, Thailand - Bangkok, one day prior to the Sub0 Developer conference.

As always, the summit was oversubscribed and filled with some of the brightest minds building in the Web3 space attracting over 100 CTOs, CEOs, Core Developers and Gavin Wood himself.

Utilising the same venue for Sub0, the Lhong 1919, the Summit was used to facilitate deep discussions, workshops and Q&A on upcoming changes to Polkadot and share wisdom between builders.

‘Alice_und_Bob - Presenting his talk at the Polkadot Summit’

The agenda was curated by the Parity Success team based on contributions from the attendees, picking the most interesting & discussion inducing topics pivotal to Polkadot in 2024. Whilst last year the Summit ran for 2 days & we discussed topics ranging from marketing, BD & Tech, this year the Summit was limited to 1 day and we refocused our efforts and doubled down on the Engineering & Tech given the audience for Sub0.

Across the day we had 12 individual sessions spanning developer experience, Open Gov, Agile Coretime, Identity and more. Gavin Wood and Pierre Aubert (VP Engineering at Parity) also gave a presentation around the future of Parity and opened it up to a Q&A session.

‘Gavin Wood & Pierre Aubert - Hosting a fireside chat at the Polkadot Summit’

Special Mentions

We’d like to say thank you to all of those who attended the Summit including a notable mention to all of the speakers this year who made the Summit possible.

We’d also like to give a special thank you to all of the organisers, note takers & moderators who helped ensure a smooth execution of a successful event.

Workshop Notes & Key takeaways

If you’re interested in what was discussed at this years Summit, we’ll be posting the key takeaway’s & notes from each session over the next few days. If you’d like to find a list of all topics posted, feel free to use the ‘polkadot-summit’ tag to refine the search.

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