Agile Coretime Launch Status Report

Agile Coretime has already launched on Kusama and the first renewals are taking place already. In the very first sale, the first three cores have been sold at almost the maximum possible price!

Where does this leave us for Polkadot? For launching on Polkadot we are currently aiming for August, in order for the community to gain some more experience with Coretime, for teams like Lastic and Region-X to improve polishing around it and also for us to improve some details more, e.g. price stability, see here. In the meantime auctions on Polkadot should keep on going.

To have that launch as smooth as possible we also count on your help! What has been your experience with Agile Coretime on Kusama so far? What went well, where do you see areas that need improvements? Are you super happy overall or do you really really hope xyz gets improved before Polkadot launch? In general, are you ready for Agile Coretime Polkadot launch?

As usual, for actual issues, there is the github issue tracker here, for more general feedback feel free to post in the thread.

Really looking forward to having Agile Coretime on Polkadot! Let’s make it splendid :sunglasses:


Further updates on the launch of Coretime on Polkadot:

  • Last week Kusama was successfully upgraded and with the next interlude phase, starting off tomorrow, we will see the new coretime pricing model integrated.
  • Also 8 auctions were scheduled for LP18 as a safeguard in case Coretime is not ready in time. Coretime is scheduled to be enacted during LP17, if it enacts successfully, as it did on Kusama, these auctions will be canceled and the active chains will be migrated to Coretime. More details here.
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