Parity Tech update for March


As promised, here are our updates for March.

Sub0 went well and here are links to presentations made by Parity’s people:

I would like to highlight 3 topics for this month:

  1. Agile Coretime got a great, in-depth FAQ and Joyce’s post on Agile Coretime coming to Kusama was the most popular post in March with well over 1,000 views - and is an ideal one-stop shop for this important upgrade with lots of hyperlinks to other pages.
  2. Fatemeh wrote an introduction to Elastic Scaling which is worth a read.
  3. Oliver wants to stabilize Polkadot and I support the goal fully. Stability is critical especially for an infrastructure platform and that we are not yet there. Note that Parity alone can not do it and we need your input and collaboration to be more reliable.

And now, a team-by-team update.

  • Chains
    • Elastic Scaling MVP: PoC running on Zombienet, Runtime dependency tracking done.
    • Asynchronous backing: All remaining bugs identified and either fixed or in progress. Performance measurement: Together with “Clawback” we exceed expectations! We measured roughly 10x throughput!
    • Agile Coretime: Remaining missing minor features in the works.
    • Runtime release 1.2, one blocker remaining: Once enacted, we are ready to fully enable asynchronous backing on Kusama and soon after on Polkadot. Coretime will go live on Kusama with this release.
  • Runtimes
  • Infra & Data
  • Product Engineering
    • Work underway on scale-info-legacy which will be the container for the legacy type mappings that will drive the decoding of historic blocks.
    • The PRs to stabilise the rest of the JSON-RPC spec are out and under review.
    • Subxt
    • Maintenance of Polkadot-JS
    • Substrate Connect
    • API Sidecar
    • Asset Transfer API
    • txwrapper-core:
    • Polkadot Common Ledger App:
      • RFC 78 passed, allowing for the common ledger app to exist. Next release should incorporate these changes and allow the app to be released.
    • Documentation and Guides::
      • Created new documentation and integration guides for foreign assets in Asset Hub (soon to be published).
      • Kicked off the work to create a more consolidated and developer-friendly site to provide comprehensive and accessible resources (e.g. documentations, tutorials, references, examples, and best practices) to enable builders to start quickly and effectively. More to be shared in Q2.
    • Ecosystem Engagement:
      • The 2024 Polkadot Summit took place on the 11th March in Thailand. Filled with some of the brightest minds in the Web3 space, this year’s summit attracted over 100 CTOs, CEOs and Core Developers. During the day of the summit, Dr. Gavin Wood and Pierre Aubert, VP Engineering at Parity, gave a presentation discussing the future of Polkadot and Parity. We also had 12 productive sessions across developer experience, Open Gov, Agile Coretime, Identity and more. Please find more information here:Polkadot Summit ASIA - 2024 and previous Polkadot Summits here:Topics tagged polkadot-summit
      • The new Polkadot Alpha Program, designed to help Parachain teams, Infra providers and dApp teams to build better in Polkadot, was launched on March 4th. In a month’s time, we already had 25 teams joining and two bi-weekly builders calls were held.
  • Post-mortem
    • None :slight_smile:
  • Security
    • WARGAME - PARATHREAT: This game objective is to help people to identify and fix security vulnerabilities in parachains, pallets, and nodes within the Polkadot SDK. During that journey you will play the Red and then the Blue team.
    • Polkadot SDK Version Manager (PSVM): As managing different versions of crates from different repos during development can be very easily a pain. This tool has been created to support you on that journey. Please give PSVM a try !
    • POLKADOT <> KUSAMA BRIDGE BugBounty: To support the launch of the bridge between Polkadot and Kusama, a dedicated Security Bug Bounty has been created to support security researchers, whitehat who are helping us to identify vulnerabilities and to have them fixed. More details on the referenda.

Thanks for putting these together @pierreaubert ! They are great tbh!