We're launching the alpha of our user-friendly token launchpad & IDO offering

Hey community, I have exciting news!

We’re on the verge of launching the alpha version of our user-friendly token launchpad. We just have some stuff to do with StellaSwap team to integrate their liquidity pool infrastructure with our dApp.

Soon every person with no computer skills will be able to launch a token with reflection and taxes that make profit for them and their investors, and have people who are interested in supporting your project swap their GLMR or DOT for your token and trade it. We’re aiming to hydrate the DeFi ecosystem on Polkadot & Moonbeam and kick off a degen defi craze.

We also have an IDO offering. Our StellarPad Exchange utility token presale is live at StellarPadToken | Address 0xf2e1fda636b5417eaaafb0a250abb98483969970 | Moonbeam

Sending GLMR to this contract will mint 100 StellarPad per GLMR and send to your wallet. Soon we will also have a public sale with a higher price ratio, giving you our early supporters a headstart, because you are special :slight_smile:

I will post some screenshots to show off our progress.

Our dApp running on development server: