Polkadot Defi Adoption - HydraDX, Interlay, Moonbeam, Astar, Polkadex

Hey All,

One suggestion for the broader defi community to increase adoption of your products. You need to reach out to tax product offerors (koinly, coinledger, etc.) and get your products listed as part of the APIs. Without these integrations I believe retail is reluctant to use the defi products because they can’t do their taxes without manual intervention (and that is a terrible experience). While using a consolidated Polkadot solution may be another option, I would tackle this from both sides. Many folks already use these tax products because they own Ethereum, Bitcoin, etc. They will not want to move products because of the complexities of migrating. If the software offerors are not willing to do because of limited liquidity, I would suggest we do a Treasury proposal for the broader community in the interim.