ParityTech update for May 2024

Hi all,

Our updates for May include a lot of fixes as we committed to. You will see a focus on fixing what matters to users.

We changed our strategy on Smart Contract: this month both ink! and Wasmi were transferred to the community. The freed up resources allow us to continue to focus on providing PolkaVM enabled contracts. We removed the latest big blocker by rewriting our benchmark suite from WebAssembly to Rust so that it will continue to work when switching to PolkaVM. You will see an openGov proposal very soon to deploy EVM on top of Asset Hub.

The DevRel team moved out of Parity and has been granted funding by Decentralized Futures: welcome to Accelerate Polkadot that will join a set of fresh teams like Papermoon to build an amazing experience for our builders.



Thanks for the update.

Can’t wait to see the proposal! I’d expect it to be about pallet_contracts (not EVM) deployment to AH though…

(Also, some links in your post (like e.g. the one in the quoted piece) seem to be to internal Parity forum).


Yes. It will be PolkaVM contracts (based on pallet_contracts) but with EVM compatibility layer (RPC + YUL recompiler).


Thanks for the detailed update!

A couple of things to point out, ink! was not sunsetted! It just moved outside of Parity as well :slight_smile: ink! will continue to be a part of the Polkadot ecosystem.

ink! will also be compatible with PolkaVM improvements.


Correct. I rephrased it above.


The proposal is now up for voting: Should we allow EVM compatible contracts on Asset Hub? | Polkassembly