Launch Moonbeam tokens and NFT collections with a few clicks! New user friendly launchpad project StellarPad

have great news for project leaders, NFT artists and the Moonbeam ecosystem. We are building an user-friendly web wizard for creating ERC20 tokens and NFT collections, and automatically creating a liquidity pool for them thanks to StellaSwap. No programming skills needed, just load up your wallet with GLMR, fill the details and go!

We’re making launching a project as easy as filling a survey and clicking “Send” on your MetaMask pop-up. We’re including some awesome features like token reflections and support for NFT royalties so that creators can start earning and giving back to the community as soon as possible. No other chain will offer such convenience at such prices so we’ll make adoption of Moonbeam irresistible.

I have posted a few proof-of-concept wireframes below. Keep in mind that this is not the final design, the final design will more likely resemble StellaSwap’s.Feedback welcome and thank you for your attention.

Discord: StellarPad


Any update on this initiative ? I only just came across it but the Discord invite has expired. If there is an update, it would be great to hear them (Github repo? proof of concept link? etc.). Cheers!