Funding Proposal: Community Training

We have an active Blockchain Builders Community, delivering education, connections, and opportunities to help WEB3 projects grow. We have started from Eastern Europe seeking to raise a community of over 10,000 blockchain builders becoming one of the strongest voices in the Blockchain Builders industry.

We want to onboard new developers and increase awareness of the technologies developed by Parity Technologies.

This grant proposal aims to support the expansion of the blockchain ecosystem developed by Parity Technologies ecosystem tapping into the vast technical potential and emerging opportunities.

Our proposal includes:

  • a 8 months training for developers
  • the goal is to onboard more builders to the Polkadot and Kusama ecosystem by creating learning pathways and cohort-based training
  • the focus is on Substrate stack and Smart Contract Programming using ink!
  • during the program they will gain a good technical understanding of the Substrate stack and ink! Smart Contract Programming and their potential applicability (e.g. DeFi, TradiFi, ReFi, Supply Chain and other industries)
  • the builders will have a coworking space for where they will find networking opportunities, advisory and all the necessary resources to spin off a project or company. By working closely with the WEB3 Foundation we will provide access to mentors, advisors, and experts in the field who can offer guidance and support.
  • 10 students will have scholarships in order to start their career in WEB3
  • We will focus on WEB2 developers willing to migrate to WEB3
  • At the end we will organize a hackathlon
  • Developers will be available for collaboration within the ecosystem and we will present the results

Thanks for sharing your idea here. I would be interested to learn more about your long-term plans and how you plan to fund this initiative after 2024.

Hi @David !

By having a team we will be able to leverage their talents and offer consultancy, development and advisory services together. We analyze various models for sustainability, from a fixed fee charged to the members in order to cover the expenses (and in return offer them networking and personal development support) to a more complex model where the local hub will be able to offer services throughout its members. Because we will work as a DAO the best model will be discussed and analyzed together when appropriate.