We noticed some NOICE on the forum. How do we deal with the noise

We noticed some NOICE on the forum. How do we deal with these noises.

In recent months, you often see some related posts and comments about Acaxx, Karxxx, they do not comply with the rules of this forum, we have blocked them. There is a lot of negativity about them on Twitter and in the community right now.

For these, what do you think, we should do a vote

  1. Ignore the sounds, leave them alone, and let the user make the noise.
  2. Block them and make them quiet.
  3. Reply generously and give them an answer.

Voted for numbers, 1, 2, 3, it is best to give your explanation

Vote 3

We can’t really block these voices. They will spread in different communities and have a negative impact on Polkadot’s brand. Now it’s only in our internal community. If we block them here, they will go to other non Polkadot communities to discuss. I guess the impact will be worse.

Regarding the content of the post, we noticed that Acaxx Karxxx is the focus of discussion. I support Acaxx Karxxx to answer their questions, solve these problems, and get a preliminary understanding of the time for stablecoins. The problems have been exposed for 1 year, and it may be time to solve them. Give the community a perfect answer.

– Total aUSD in Circulation in page - the value looks wrong, it is significantly higher than the sum of the list below, I calculated by the list account

  1. Acala Pulse
    We know that when employees upgrade the chain, the parameter configuration is wrong, which leads to the loss of acala. However, from some news on Twitter, acala announced that the problem has been completely solved. Judging from the recent noise posts, the problem has not been resolved, ausd = 0.5 usd.
    From the stats website, or the amount of influence is 1-2M AUSD.

  2. Karura Pulse
    From the statistical information, we can see that excluding the largest mint account (maybe the largest accounts are official accounts, they mortgage a large amount of kar) karura should only have 0.4M KUSD affect, and their deviation from 1$ should be easy to solve .

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Vote: Abstain

I was an Acala/Karura senior ambassador and got practically kicked out for that “noise”. It’s a one-man show now.

Vote 3
Blocking is never a good or helpful thing.

they do not comply with the rules of this forum, we have blocked them

If a post does not comply with the rules of the forum, then they should be removed without prejudice.

The topic at hand is certainly not banned afaik, but troll posts, spam, and other generally yelling to get attention is also not what this forum is about.

There are many topics on this forum, which bring into light constructive criticism and discussion which is productive and helpful to the ecosystem. I think that such things would be encouraged, but from the posts I have seen so far that have been removed, they are nowhere close to this, and removal seemed appropriate.


This is my view as well.