Acala Network is Scam? Save KUSD Holders!

Karura Network has not been hacked and KUSD has already dropped below one dollar. However, the team has not taken any action to save this situation.

They have not responded to users’ messages in the community.

They applied for a large number of projects supported by the Polkadot treasury. However, as the largest project of Polkadot in the early stage, our ordinary users invested a lot of dot ksm to support them and generate kusd. However, it is worthless now. Before using it, they claimed that KUSD is anchored to 1USD, but this is not the case. They are a fraud. Why did Polkadot officials not urge them, but continue to support them and communicate with them.

The Polkadot ecology pays too much attention to technology, and it has nothing to do with our ordinary users. We have silently supported Polkadot for 3 years, in exchange for a difficult-to-use ecology and fraud.

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what is the current price
1 USDT = 1.648010000271 KUSD.

It is the Acala network that does not take any rescue measures to make this POST a little emotional.
We have no way to report these issues, only to find this forum.

@xlc Is there any measure to save KUSD

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If you are just watching now, next time as a victim, no one else will help you.
Sometimes it takes community to make us strong, and we can’t wait any longer.


It seems they are buying back the kUSD:

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2 months have passed. KUSD is worth less than it was two months ago.

The acala team has an attitude of nothing to do with these things. I guess they think this is a market behavior, which is decentralized, but is it true? The so-called governance, voting, and all voting rights belong to the team itself.

In the face of such a small market value of KUSD, it cannot be allowed to operate stably, which shows that the team’s ability and attitude are very poor. KUSD is still deviating from 1USD, and they are still discussing so-called governance and code writing optimization.

The Polkadot ecology is really polluted by these project parties, they are the blood-sucking worms of the Polkadot treasury!!

What is goin on with Acala is unfortunate. But to say Polkadot is becoming irrelevant is bit too much. Which project offers better blockspace than Polkadot? Which project has done more to improve blockspace over last couple of years compared to Polkadot?

@pi79 I removed the emotional words.

Later, I will synchronize the price of KUSD here and follow up the progress of Acala Network (Karura Network).

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2023-4-9 ( Karura Platform)
1 KUSD = 0.613279 USDT

1 KUSD = 0.614925 USDT

4 days have passed, no one from the Acala team replied to the post. Even though @xlc had seen this post, they chose to keep silent.

They also choose to remain silent in the community.

Any blockchain ecosystem, including Polkadot, depends on the projects built on top of it. As in any industry, there can be problems with individual projects or development teams. However, this does not mean that the entire ecosystem is wrong or fraudulent. In addition, the blockchain ecosystem has an open and decentralized approach to project development and management. This means that the responsibility for the projects lies with the developers, not the Polkadot team. In addition, the community can express its opinions and suggestions through voting and other governance mechanisms.

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