Uniques Pallet (NFTs) September Update

    A couple of weeks ago, we released the Buy&Sell methods for NFTs. Thanks to the RMRK team, we got UI support for this feature the same day we did a release. Feel free to go to https://singular.app/explore/statemine and see all the collections and NFTs within them with prices. Currently, we’re waiting on subsquid to add the support for the new feature, so it would be possible to see only the listed for sale NFTs.

    Surprisingly, the feedback we’ve received about that new feature was not just about the ability to trade items but that our NFTs have become more decentralised, since all the trades could be executed now without trusting 3rd-parties. Based on that feedback, we added the atomic NFTs swaps feature into our backlog, which should allow users to exchange NFTs in a trustless way.

    Another thing that got changed is the positioning of the Uniques V2 pallet. In my previous vision, most of the new features were around trading, but now it becomes clear that the community on other blockchains moved from simply trading JPEGs to exploring other aspects of NFTs. We want to follow that movement and allow everyone to experiment. But how could this be done without smart contracts support?

    The answer is - smart attributes. We want to allow users to provide limited access to their attributes to other dapps. For example, I can create an NFT on Statemint, do something on Kilt and get the results stored back on my Statemint NFT. There won’t be a need to lock the whole NFT and transfer it to another blockchain. That would allow dapps to come up with new ideas, experiment, use the cross-chain features we provide.
    Another example could be an off-chain game, that would use my NFT to access it and will store all the achievements in the form of attributes.

    Additionally, if we add the ability for an NFT to own other NFTs, we could finally start supporting the soulbound NFTs!

    To wrap it all up, here is the list of the features we’re working on and expecting to get finished in the next two months:

  • atomic swaps
  • nesting (ability to own other NFTs)
  • new minting options (e.g. to allow everyone to freely mint NFTs within a collection)
  • new attributes structure with access control
  • multi-assets support
  • cover all new things with feature flags, so that other parachains could re-use our pallet and disable the functions they don’t need

    One last thing I want to mention in this update is the new initiative we've started called the Statemint portal. We want to provide an easy-to-use portal to manage all the assets, collections and NFTs users have.

    On one side, that portal should help our community interact with the assets and nfts pallet more conveniently. On another, we want to understand what it takes to build a dapp and provide the community with an example/template they would simply fork and use for their needs.


P. S. Opened tracking issue on GH: Uniques V2 Roadmap 2022 (Tracking Issue) · Issue #11783 · paritytech/substrate · GitHub

I’m interested in topic. Please include me in any future calls. Thanks @shawntabrizi for looping me in

I am from the Efinity team. I’m also interested in this topic. I wrote a few questions on the github issue. I wasn’t sure which place was better to ask.

Hello from KodaDot :wave:
In the past, we’ve received a Kusama Treasury grant for integrating Statemine and delivered integration; we did a quick write-up & usage, but then we decided to sunset it (codebase is still partially working) it because of maintenance costs.

We instead focused on more liquid and potent networks from an end-user perspective like Basilisk & Astar & MoonBeam & MoonRiver as we are a pretty small team.

Now the situation has changed a bit in our favour and grown a bit; we had 84 contributors in the repository’s lifetime, many (200+)forks & (300+)stars. and gave away over $150k in bounties to onboard more frontend developers to the Dotsama ecosystem and helped other parachains teams. Steady growth with the code review guild and q&a guild; we would be happy to take on this in the future.

Our goal is to make more libraries, SDKs, and valuable public goods for others projects to speed up the growth of the Dotsama ecosystem, where we found our endpoints have been used by many projects out there.

I’ve backlogged it in our repository Statemine: Take Two, and once we finish our complete rehaul of KodaDot with a new design, we are happily looking at this.

Put the rest of the links to our issue as 2 links limit for new users :grimacing:

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NFT 2.0 PR is up for review before being merged into master: