How we created 50K Unique NFTs for Polkadot Decoded

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For those who attended Polkadot Decoded 2022 (either in-person or watching the live streams), you’ll probably remember the unique NFT that was gifted to you. But do you know how this project came about? And what went into creating each NFT?

In this blog, @hamid and Simon from Parity share what it was like to work on this project, and how they went about creating and minting 50K(!) unique avatars.

Feel free to ask any questions below and post your own Polkadot Decoded NFT, I’d love to see!


This was my Polkadot Decoded “Memorabilia” (I really like it):

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Nice, we had the grant to implement Statemine into KodaDot; it seems time to refresh implementation and bring it back! :slight_smile: