Introducing RMRK - Decentralized NFTs 2.0

Hi all,

we are RMRK. RMRK is three things (which, yeah, is confusing, so we are considering a rebrand to differentiate entities):

  1. A token
  2. A set of NFT standards
  3. The team maintaining these standards and the Singular NFT marketplace

We focus on developing compromise-free NFT 2.0 standards (general-purpose free-for-use tools and rules with which to build advanced NFTs) that focus primarily on being extremely mutually compatible (i.e. Alice’s collection is compatible with Bob’s without them knowing each other or directly collaborating) while remaining fully decentralized and on-chain.

So what is NFT 2.0? Well, we built several “lego” pieces which can be composed into various combinations to get NFT 2.0 magic going:

  1. Our NFTs can contain each other. We call this nested NFTs and they have been live for 2 years now. Any NFT can contain any other, no ifs, ands, or buts. Sell the parent, the children go with it.
  2. Our NFTs can be “soulbound 2.0”. Soulbound 1.0 as popularized by Vitalik binds NFTs to addresses in an effort to add reputation to them. This is cool, but not as cool as soulbound 2.0 (which has been live in production for longer than Vitalik’s 1.0 post :upside_down_face:) where you can bind NFTs inside other NFTs, indicating reputation of an avatar, having per-NFT POAPs (think ticket-book for concerts), and the various gaming use cases (XP points and skills as non-transferable NFTs inside of your avatar).
  3. Our NFTs can equip other NFTs into pre-defined slots. Think game avatar items, puzzles, filters on movies, music stems inside of composable songs, and more.
  4. Our NFTs can accept emotes from the community, which is a great price discovery and/or gamification mechanism.

In the immediate future, we also intend to release the ability for NFTs to be democratically governed through fractionalisation (i.e. the community of shareholders can command an avatar to choose a quest or equip specific gear), and the ability to have conditional rendering where, based on certain on-chain values, the output of an NFT changes.

What sets us apart from other NFT 2.0 efforts is that we’re uncompromisingly about the technology’s decentralisation. It may be easier to ship this if we just log it into a database, maintain control, and run servers that sync stuff across marketplaces, chains, and collections. But by building it in a way as versatile as this, we make sure the tech is as future-proof as IPFS and so if one day we are gone, NFT 2.0 cross-game cross-chain cross-collection technology remains alive, well, and very very usable.

We started out on Kusama using extrinsics to “hack” NFTs onto the chain, but since we are now phasing that out, we have our tech stack ready in three flavors: EVM, pallets, and !ink.

Collab Points

We are looking for:

  • projects who care about decentralized infrastructure wanting to launch advanced NFT collections
  • chains who would like to integrate reputational avatars in order to incentivize participation of user accounts and have them build reputation visually and functionally based on how much they contribute to the ecosystem
  • game developers who need advanced logic
  • existing NFT projects who would like to “smarten up” their NFTs and become compatible with others, in order to cross-pollinate audiences
  • chains willing to offer grants for us to deploy everything for you
  • pioneers of any kind, builders and tinkerers to play with our tech and help us break and therefore improve it


We are currently working on the world’s only decentralized metaverse, Skybreach, and on finishing our EVM implementation and our pallets implementation. The phenomenal team at Astar have been building our !ink version in the meanwhile.

Right now, two of our NFT 2.0 “legos” have been merged into EIPs, which means they are about to become “standards” in Ethereum-world too, making them easily portable to Polkadot’s EVM universe as well. At the same time, we are hard at work testing RMRK pallets in production on Invarch and Khala (powering Phala World actually).

The rest of the team is hard at work making Singular EVM, and Singular UniquesV2 work, so that we fully support Polkadot’s entire NFT ecosystem on the Singular marketplace.

Other Resources


This! What a nice and neat intro, I bet you can simply share this post before doing an AMA (it will save a bunch of questions and your time :wink:) And right after your post here, I saw this announcement from RMRK discord channel, congratz!!

2nd RMRK Lego has been merged!! :boom::fire:


Thank you :slight_smile: Indeed, 2/5 done, ~4 to go, but only 1 until we have full open-metaverse functionality fully EVM-compatible, woohoo!