Polkadot NFT Assets Hub Indexer by KodaDot


Hello, I’m the founder of KodaDot - Polkadot NFT marketplace, and we’ve recently finished the implementation of Uniques v1.1 and nft-pallet for common good indexer, which can be used for Polkadot Assets Hub and Kusama Assets Hub.
Anyone can use this indexer on their own.


Statemine and Statemint were renamed to Assets Hub, and now you can trade items. Apart from that, nonfungible assets could empower other parachains across and give variety of utility verticals.


Currently, the indexer supports both assets from Assets Hub Kusama & Polkadot. Namely, assets running on uniques v1.1 and NFT-pallet

Specific data views

We give for public good collection specific data insights like distribution, floor price, highest sales, count & supply.

To this date, we can gain NFT insights across these two chains; thanks to that, we’ve managed to pull these data, as we’ve demonstrated here

Royalty Standard

We enabled royalty standards for NFTs where they can stream those revenues to recipients.

Atomic swaps

With this feature, you can swap assets in fashion 1v1, 1 NFT for 1 NFT. Optionally you can add a surcharge or overcharge for NFTs.

Onchain NFTs

Now in the ecosystem, we can have onchain NFTs, including metadata and attributes onchain and we will enable this to write base64 json encoders and decoders utilities.

For developers - Uniquery - Bring Your Own Query

We built on the sidelines Uniquery, which powers KodaDot these days. For developers, it means they can fetch rich data queries from both NFT chains.


Significant credits go to @Jegor for helping us and advising with implementation.

What’s next?

We will gradually implement these features in KodaDot to provide an end-user experience for these features. The first phase v0 is done 13 out of 16 issues in the UI.. Another phase v1, of user experience polishing, will follow.


We are also indexing fungibles, which includes currently RMRK & USDT fungible assets on Polkadot & Kusama Assets Hub, and you will be able to use them in KodaDot Transfer App.

How are we going to leverage this for the Polkadot NFT ecosystem?

Currently, we’ve demonstrated Fandom Shops with easy deno hacks three of them are in the wild already, and it will help collections deploy their cultures closer to their community.

Repository for Stick

Where can you learn more?

W3F proposal