Tokenomics: Grant models

As best I can tell, I believe I’ve identified a gap in the Tokenomics around Polkadot (and other blockchains). At least the use case I have in mind isn’t covered - which is obviously a disappointing bump in the road/runway.

I believe this is a common use case, so I am a little surprised by this. In fact I am skeptical I am observing the real state of play.

There is a reasonably large tokenomics literature out there (arxiv, ssrn, network whitepapers etc.) so I won’t recite everything here.

Rather I’ll focus on the point, a Web3 grant application, by asking: are there any Tokenomics grants I can look at to get an idea of what the Foundation considers in scope, timelines, deliverables and budget in this area.

I’ve looked at the past grants list but nothing jumped out - apologies if I missed it

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