Grant Ideas and Wishlists

Hi all, opening this topic for discussing/suggesting grant ideas and project wishlists for the Web3 Foundation grants program.

New teams who intend to participate in the grants program are always looking for ideas and inspiration. If you have a wishlist or project ideas that you think should be built in our ecosystem, feel free to share them here.

This forum topic could then be used for teams applying for new grants as a reference.

As a starting point, we have the Polkadot Stack page on the wiki that lists a bunch of ideas about building or maintaining open source projects in the Polkadot ecosystem.

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Adding to the wishlist, I’d love to have an app or just a polkadot.js app module for XCM calls, with all the common calls simplified into a nice UI (making xtokens transfer as simple as a normal balance transfer, for example). A modular approach would be necessary, as XCM calls vary a lot from chain to chain, so it could be implemented in a way where each chain has their own “metadata” module that provides the app with instructions as to how to render modules for specific calls and allows for chains to define complex calls and add to the registry, similar to the way polkadot.js apps works.


Here is my wishlist: Polkadot Project Ideas · GitHub


The team from ParaSpell, Viki from KodaDot advising might be close to it :slight_smile:

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Thanks for mentioning us. The pre-release of XCM SDK containing support for a range of Polkadot & Kusama nodes (29 atm to be exact) will be released either today or tomorrow! From then, making sure, that SDK is well documented & is easy to implement into projects & contains support for multiple asset forms is intended with a followup grant. Everything will be documented & you can check/try it out (via prebuilt UI). That will demonstrate how SDK will work with prebuilt local network consisting of three nodes & relay node :slight_smile: more on that in ParaSpell · GitHub. Cheers!


I love this idea. Imagine having a catalogue of XCM tasks that allow you to bridge and stake or bridge and supply liquidity in a lending or liquidity pool in a single transaction. Then add OAK to schedule these transactions for the future or add Manta to make the same transaction private. :sunglasses:


We’ve already jammed about this with Hoon from Astar in Berlin on 9/22. It seems like a legit idea making of instructions marketplace to leverage beauty of Polkadot :slight_smile:

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