The xpost bot is awesome, but can be make it prettier?

The initial idea for the cross-poster bot came from the Nix community. Look for example at this. I think before, it looked like the face of the main contributor, but half of it looked like a cyborg. Nice and wholesome.

Now compare it to Polkadot’s: Try..catch for substrate runtimes · Issue #2980 · paritytech/substrate · GitHub. There is no user pic, the name is long and does not even fit (at least on my machine, I see Polkadot-Forum-B). Soulless and faceless. We could do better.

What if we changed the bot’s name to, say, polkadot-disource and picked a user pic? It could be just the Polkadot logo or at least something from this SD search engine.


I propose this wonderful image :smiley:


Updated to:


We should have used stable diffusion to generate the image :bulb:

How do you know that this isn’t stable diffusion? Basti based stable diffusion