Sufficiency on assethub

Just an update, working on this with @Tarik and found some more Polkadot JS bugs. Sorry for the delay but we should end up with a successful demo in the next day and better Polkadot JS out of it.


Case 1: A local transfer of USDT

I don’t know why Subscan shows a fee in DOT, but you can see from the event log and address history that it’s never had DOT and paid the fee in USDT.

Case 2: Sending USDT to Moonbeam

It did indeed fail on Polkadot and on Kusama, I stand corrected. It really should have been handled by the TakeFirstAssetTrader and I need to look into it more. Obviously that should have some test cases. Will log an issue and make sure we fix this.

Haven’t looked into sending PINK from Moonbeam yet, but I don’t have control over the XCM programs they send. Will look into making a demo though.


XCM transport fees are currently limited to using DOT (or some other single asset configured by the runtime).

There is work planned under Asset Transactor on Asset Hubs not Working With Sufficient Assets · Issue #3958 · paritytech/polkadot-sdk · GitHub to give the ability to hook in asset-conversion for XCM transport fees, and thus be able to just-in-time swap whatever for DOT, thus completely supporting “fees in USDT” on Asset Hub.

Exploring options for other chains here: Asset Hub Brainstorming Session - Call Notes and Discussion Continuation - #2 by acatangiu