Add Sufficiency to Asset ID 1337 (USDC) on AssetHub

USDC on AssetHub (Asset ID 1337) is not set as sufficient. Therefore, it can’t be use to pay for XCM execution when transferring the asset back from (for example) Moonbeam to AssetHub.

Was this expected? This just worsens UX and developer experience when using USDC and moving it around.

When querying api.query.assets.asset(1337) you get:

  owner: 13FMpFdP2EmZPbfRuP61NkJtegTScZgZjjWHysPwPoXBhg18
  issuer: 13ptbyQHPt5yBWyuLZHuf4EaG5SNAP4FfYtGWb6dtsbFaeTf
  admin: 12FJuq8Q2AwG85JH72NwGkjswjcgGwHieu3t4Yha8ZmWe6YM
  freezer: 12amXH9jF3ob2EqE1a44NKnoFdxz6qsXzmYY17pT84764dLL
  supply: 250,019,991,612,722
  deposit: 100,000,000,000
  minBalance: 1,000
  isSufficient: false
  accounts: 15
  sufficients: 0
  approvals: 0
  status: Live

Compared to USDT, api.query.assets.asset(1984):

  owner: 15uPcYeUE2XaMiMJuR6W7QGW2LsLdKXX7F3PxKG8gcizPh3X
  issuer: 15uPcYeUE2XaMiMJuR6W7QGW2LsLdKXX7F3PxKG8gcizPh3X
  admin: 15uPcYeUE2XaMiMJuR6W7QGW2LsLdKXX7F3PxKG8gcizPh3X
  freezer: 15uPcYeUE2XaMiMJuR6W7QGW2LsLdKXX7F3PxKG8gcizPh3X
  supply: 17,998,750,010,692
  deposit: 1,000,000,000,000
  minBalance: 700,000
  isSufficient: true
  accounts: 951
  sufficients: 834
  approvals: 5
  status: Live
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Well yes, assets don’t magically become sufficient. But I think a proposal is in the works. @otar

I understand assets don’t magically become sufficient. Moonbeam was part of the team that worked on modifying AssetHub so that sufficient assets could be used to pay XCM execution :smiley:

Nevertheless, asset ID was created on 2022-12-01, and probably Circle confirmed that they were going to use that asset ID some time ago. I was just curious on why this was not done before the official launch, as right now it significantly increases the onboarding-to-parachains friction by quite a lot.

@otar when possible if you can provide an ETA it would be great.

Thanks in advance

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TWIMC: You can find the corresponding OpenGov proposal on Root track here. Thus, the ETA is now in the hands of the community and vote participation.


Thanks! Looks good. Excited to see this live!