Täniko UI: Create & manage assets on Asset Hub/s

Hey everyone,

We are excited to introduce the initial drop of Täniko, an app to create and manage assets in Asset Hub/s:

Current asset-related features include:

  • Viewing assets you hold and/or manage
  • Exploring all created assets
  • Creating new assets
  • Managing assets, including editing metadata and admin accounts
  • Revoking root privileges

General app features:

  • Paying transaction fees with any asset that has a pool (works on Talisman and Subwallet, but not with PJS)
  • Automatic import and detection of proxy/proxied accounts

Please note that this is a side project we are working on in our free time and is not part of our W3F DF grant. It has not been extensively tested, so please bear with us if there are any issues we might have missed. We started this project to explore the practical challenges of building apps on Polkadot and to encourage more app development and activity.

We hope to add more features in the future. If you encounter a bug or have a feature request, please let us know.

:rainbow: In the meantime, happy tänikking!


GJ Fam :raised_hands:

I think we can all agree it’s way easier to use than polkadot.js

Paying transaction fees with any asset that has a pool

That means it has to be a sufficient asset, right?

You can use any asset that has a pool in Asset Hub.

Example paying with DED:

Deposit fees can only be paid in DOT though, see discussion here. So in the above case ~40 DED will be deducted from your account asset balance and ~0.4 DOT will be moved from free balance to reserved balance.


What does this need to be reserved for?

Looks nice though! And finally a UI taking advantage of this feature.

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For creating the asset (~0.2 DOT) and setting the metadata (~0.2DOT). You can get it back when destroying the asset (not implemented in the UI yet though).

It’s much cheaper in Kusama BTW, ~0.0134 KSM total.

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Ah yes of course, this is for an asset class creator. But for “normal” users just using assets, you should only need to swap enough to cover account existence (0.01 DOT for ED if the asset is not sufficient).

Would be great to have that as a UI option, like check if the destination account exists or not, and if not then actually construct
batch_all( swap_tokens_for_exact(ed, ...), transfer(...) ).

Great idea! We will add it as part of the asset transfer feature soon.

As an extension, it will be nice to do the same in the context of a cross-chain transfer. Is there an automatic way to know which assets are accepted for fees (and ED) on the destination chain? :thinking:

There is no general way to know it, it will be different from chain to chain. I assume in most cases you wont even find it in their metadata or any kind of api. It probably needs to be set statically.

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New features :sparkles:

(1) Transfer assets with the option to sponsor existential deposit using any asset that has a pool or using the native chain token.

If the sender is also the asset admin or freezer, he will also have the option to send without sponsoring the ED, calling batch_all([asset.touch_other, assets.transfer])

If sender does not have this privilege, transfer CTA will be disallowed without sponsoring ED.

Hope this is the right business logic! If not please let use know :smiley:

(2) Create asset pools

Again, this is :warning: very beta, so if you encounter bugs or something not working quite right, please leave us a message.

Upcoming features :bell:

  • Add and remove liquidity to/from existing pools
  • Mint, burn and freeze assets
  • Support foreign assets in Asset Hubs i.e. parachain tokens, KSM, DOT etc.
  • Register and transfer assets to HydraDX and Basilik to enable isolated pools