Pop-up hacker house: WizardAmigos CodeCamp 2023 and 2024 (Decentralized futures?)

Hi, ecosystem friends,

I am happy to share with you that we ran another successful code camp back in October.

The concept of the camp we go for is a pop up hacker house rented for a month and developers or developers/founders come and go as they can. Some stay for a weekend, some for a few weeks, depending on their time and other factors.

The core idea is to get people in the ecosystem (and across) together where they can get to know each other and their tech in depth while presenting to each other, cooking or hiking together or while sitting at the coworking desk.

We’ve been organizing these code camps for a few years now - Taipei, Chiang Mai, Berlin, Wales and now Portugal - and the feedback was really good so we want to continue.

What is unique about Wizard amigos is that is organized by developers and for developers!

We so far did all our events (including many years of organizing regular bi-weekly meetups in Berlin) without any sponsorship, completely for free. Wizard Amigos | Meetup

This is the first time we are hoping to get some of our costs reimbursed and plan to apply for the retroactive reimbursement to the Polkadot treasury.

Our wish is to organize these kind of code camps 3-4 times a year in different contries. Since this takes time and is related to costs, we hope we can get the community support to make this happen.

Here’s our proposal for the treasury funding. I would be happy to hear your comments and feedback and to help us improve it before we publish it up for voting.

Thanks in advance

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If anyone wants to check out talks from last year’s or this year’s code camp, you can find them on our YT and Peertube. Talks are of course just a cherry on top for this in-depth collaboration that is the main benefit for the participants.


Maybe, one important thing to mention is:

WizardAmigos 2022 was focused around p2p tech and web3/blockchain technology more broadly.


WizardAmigos 2023 was organized in Portugal next to and in parallel and closely after sub0 to enable polkadot builders, founders and enthusiasts to spend some time together and present and discuss specifically polkadot, parachain projects, substrate, opengov and much more.


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I got a question about how do our code camps benefit the ecosystem?

Our focus is introducing Polkadot technology to experts from Polkadot and other ecosystems and get them excited about certain parts of Polkadot tech.

The core of what we do:

  • bring builders together to work in the same space for longer time and get feedback/input/stage to work and present their project in the early phase

  • create a bootcamp kind of space but for founders developers, specially for the phase when there is one or two people bootstrapping the project

  • connect developers founders to other experts/developers founders to exchange experiences, tech stack, integrate each others’ service and learn other knowledge needed for bootstrapping your decentralised project (also helping them figure out for whom they are building what and how to onboard users and get support from other ecosystems, close to Web3 and Polkadot)

  • help developers find potential co-founders/contractors or contributors. This is very important in open source as you can’t build it all by yourself