Crypto Patronage (a Patreon app for Polkadot) started by Jam10o at WizardAmigos code camp


I wanted to share with you a Patreon like project that started at WizardAmigos code camp 2022 and was finally released and presented at the code camp 2023.

The project was created by Jam10o and Nora and was completely self funded. They never applied for treasury funding, but I think they should. What do you think?

Check it out and what can I say, let’s start using it to support creators also directly by donating!

Project link:

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I do think more opportunities like this one are needed :slight_smile:

People come from different backgrounds and we are all new and get to know each other in the Polkadot Ecosystem. To work together as business partners in the same field, it seems beneficial to give some opportunity to personally get to know each other a bit better than what is possible during a 1-3 day event.

Not only would it facilitate starting projects like “Patronage” in this example, but if there was some regularity to it, people would come together again and projects might start to inspire each other to work on integration and synergy effects, because the people working on different projects get to know each other and start caring more.

Without care, t too often feels like disconnected projects evolve side by side, not even aware of what integration synergy effects are possible, which one could argue is one of the biggest limiting factors to growth and adoption in Polkadot in general.

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