Polkassembly Feature Updates!

Hello Polkadot & Polkassembly Community!

Polkassembly has the aim of pioneering the development of new governance experiences and continuously upgrading the platform based on the community feedback.
The ultimate goal is to empower users’ participation in the Polkadot ecosystem.

Our team has been hard at work, listening to your feedback and implementing improvements to make Polkassembly even better. Let’s leverage this forum to dive in and explore these latest additions!


The biggest update from the Polkassembly team was the deployment of our search feature on 30th June!

Community members can now leverage search to →

  1. Search for referendums by a string from their title or description
  2. Find people in the community based on their usernames
  3. Discover discussions that you may be interested in
  4. Filter your results as per your topic, track, tags, status or date!

In addition to all this, with the click of a simple button, you can now search for all the above cross network using SUPER SEARCH!

Our launch announcement → https://twitter.com/polk_gov/status/1674765923033686016

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There’s been more in this past month!

Let’s have a look at another one of our largest releases :smiley:

The much awaited Notification Engine!

  • Never miss a beat on the latest proposals, discussions, mentions & more
  • Set your notification settings across networks in a single go, by simply adding the networks which have the feature enabled via the settings page

If you’d like notifications & search enabled for your chain, please reach out to us on hello@polkassembly.io! !:loudspeaker:

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Our team believes in delivering innovation and leveraging the latest technology in our quest to do so!

Announcing the launch of a feature which quickly became a go to for our entire community.
AI Powered summary of proposals!

Now, participating in governance proposals on Polkadot & Kusama is easier than ever.
Stay informed with concise breakdowns, empower democracy, & shape the future together!

Please engage with our social handles or this thread to share any more use case of AI that you would like us to integrate.


Building towards the ecosystem’s benefit has been one of Polkassembly’s primary goals.

The community members informed us of a persistent problem. They continue to use existing web2 forums and platforms to engage and discuss but it is impossible to login with Polkadot wallets on these forums.


We now support all our ecosystem partners wallets with an open source code for anyone looking to allow Polkadot wallet sign in into their app/website! :raised_hands: :raised_hands:


A single message, summazing everything we have been experimenting with in our new listing view!

What more would you like us to tinker with? :wink:

GIF GIF GIF! :heart_eyes:

A discussion & governance forum needs GIFs, for the community to engage!

So here they are :fire:
Polkassembly now offers support for the following via its text editor

  1. GIFs
  2. Table Support
  3. Markdown & All Existing Features

Join us at Polkassembly as we Demystify Governance! :fire:

We at Polkassembly are proud to present the community with our latest feature which helps the ecosystem move away from the complex proposal creation process!

Say hello to hassle-free proposal creation on Polkadot! :globe_with_meridians: :loudspeaker:

Struggling with OpenGov pre-image & proposals?

Not anymore! Follow these 3 simple steps:

  1. Add Off-Chain Description
  2. Craft Preimage with Polkassembly’s guidance
  3. Go Live with One Click!

Demystify Governance with us and join the movement for a transparent and efficient future! Visit http://polkadot.polkassembly.io and click on the menu icon to know more :fire:

Announcement Post - https://twitter.com/polk_gov/status/1691424678810898433

:star2: Simplifying On-Chain Identities for You! :rocket:

Understanding and managing on-chain identities can be quite a puzzle, right? :jigsaw: Users often grapple with mistrust, proposal rejections, and endless hassles.

But guess what? :tada: We’re changing the game at Polkassembly! We’ve crafted a custom interface right on our app, making the whole process a breeze. :relieved::sparkles:

No more confusion, no more headaches. Join us in embracing a new era of seamless on-chain identity verification! :rocket::link:

Announcement: https://twitter.com/polk_gov/status/1703749864054562842

Introducing the All-In-One Vote Interface at Polkassembly!

View Every Detail: Self & Delegated Votes Split, Voting Power, and More - All in One Place! :fire: :fire:

  1. Voting Threshold Curves: It’s now on the sidebar for easy access!
  2. Dive Deeper: Expand the graph or vote history for in-depth insights on proposals.
  3. Intuitive Interface: No more complicated stuff! Everything you need, at your disposal !

Launch Announcement - https://twitter.com/polk_gov/status/1704857880355274758


Polkassembly’s user profile & navbar upgrades! :loudspeaker: :loudspeaker:

  1. Check your voting activity at a glance in your profile
  2. See the split between self & delegated votes for your vote history
  3. The new navbar allows you do access your logged in address, settings page, verify your identity & much more very easily
  4. The side bar now shows archived Gov1 channels & OpenGov in a single interface without the need for toggling between multiple interfaces

What is new at Polkassembly?

A quick update for October’s top releases -

  1. Dark mode: is now live at Polkassembly! :new_moon:

  2. Tip: your favourite Governance Participants, Proposal / Discussion Creators, & community members via a sleek interface :hand_with_index_finger_and_thumb_crossed:

  3. Quick View: To identify how long governance participants have been around for, view their display pictures and social handles

  4. Vote Unlocks: Single button click to unlock all your votes from your profile on Polkassembly

Join us at https://twitter.com/polk_gov to stay up to date with all our releases & take Polkadot’s voice out to the world :loudspeaker: :fire:

A lot of stuff has been moving around on Polkassembly since our last update :thinking:

Lets dive deeper into it :mag: :mag:

New Feature Updates

  1. Microfeatures including - all tab view for viewing all referenda together, collapsible track metrics, create new proposals from track view, tooltips on all technical terms

  2. Improved proposal management by introducing action slider cards on the Polkassembly UI for all pending actions

  3. Vote count for number of Aye and Nay votes

  4. Nudges during proposal creation and detailed visibility post proposal creation for users

  5. Creation of proposals with multiple beneficiaries from Polkassembly

  6. Estimated period for proposal to pass

  7. The much awaited Polkassembly dark mode

Existing Feature Updates

  1. Twitter post highlighting our stats on the identity feature

  2. Twitter post 1 & 2 highlighting our stats on the proposal creation feature

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Hey Everyone, wish you very happy holidays! :santa: :santa:

Our biggest feature update of the year is the launch of The Technical Fellowship Product curated by Polkassembly, with guidance from several fellows including Dr. Gavin Wood!

Announcement - https://twitter.com/polk_gov/status/1736791807273710003

There is a lot to be excited about →
An evolving activity feed with quick actions, public profiles, members page, RFC Proposals, Rank Requests & a lot more :rocket::rocket:

We aim to bring the best of minds to the fellowship & provide them with the best experience as our product evolves!

Hey folks!

A quick round up for everyone who has not been following these exciting few months at Polkassembly.

To stay up to date with all the latest updates in real time, we recommend everyone to join our community at - Twitter or Telegram

Now, quickly on to what is new →

  1. Create, Kill or Cancel Any Referendum directly from Polkassembly :hand_with_index_finger_and_thumb_crossed:

  1. Quote comments :mag:
  • Highlight and quote a part of proposals, discussions, comments and replies!
  • Announcement Link

  1. Revamped and super powerful delegation dashboard :muscle:
  • Highlights top delegates, allows easy delegation to multiple tracks, your personal delegation dashboard and stats all go live in this super powerful update
  • Announcement Link with details!

  1. The magical profile page! :mushroom:
  • Ah, any details here are not enough! A super loved feature where you can look at your delegation overview, tips, vote details, proposals, discussions, balance overview and what not! hop on to Polkassembly and explore it today!
  • Announcement link with deepdive!

  1. Zeitgeist Prediction Market Integration :chart_with_upwards_trend:
  • Prediction on governance proposals is now a reality! With a track record of multiple successful markets and a product that went from MVP to soon a full fledged integration - prediction markets are here to make Governance even more exciting! :exploding_head:
  • Announcement

A tonne more of microfeatures, social announcements, blogs and banter available on our twitter handle!

Looking forward to your feedback :heart:

Add Advanced Templates functionality

When you create a Discussion in Polkassembly, and likewise with Proposals and Referendum, it uses a ContentForm component, which uses this TextEditor component here polkassembly/src/ui-components/TextEditor.tsx at 1f9f151f79c77056bcd412234a9fd5040590e9d2 · polkassembly/polkassembly · GitHub, where that TextEditor uses a TinyMCE library (tinymce-react), which offers an "Advanced Templates" feature, as shown in this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lG2CVnYCObY.

There’s a interactive demo showing how you can use example “Advanced Templates” here https://codepen.io/pen, and also shows the extensive formatting options that comes with it.
Try it in the preview window, by going to “Insert > Template…”, choose a template, and click “Insert”.

But for that “choose a template” functionality, Polkassembly would have to be using TinyMCE Professional edition, which costs $130/month. This would require an OpenGov proposal an ongoing payments by the treasury.

The UX benefit is that users that create Proposals and Referenda in OpenGov may choose to use one of the templates. For example, if they were creating a Proposal in response to a Wishlist item or creating an RFP that is specific to Marketing and Events, then they could choose the appropriate standardised Polkadot template.

Ideally there’d be an app that would prompt users for inputs and automatically populate the relevant chosen template, but I’m not sure if that’s possible with TinyMCE “Advanced Templates”.

In comparison, Subsquare does it differently from Polkassembly in that it doesn’t allow you to select a “Topic” when you create a Discussion, but it lets you add labels (like tags), but only up to 2 of them for some reason. Subsquare uses their own custom open-source OSN Rich Text Editor here subsquare/packages/next-common/components/editor/index.jsx at 3d92a4806ad74bd891f73ae50a04fcefe3d01acd · ltfschoen/subsquare · GitHub, and its open-source source code is here GitHub - opensquare-network/rich-text-editor. So another option could be to improve the OSN Rich Text Editor, but I think it would be a substantial amount of work to make it similar to TinyMCE, but could be an future option if the TinyMCE “Advanced Templates” functionality becomes unaffordable or discontinued, and might make it easier to create a feature that prompts users for various inputs and auto-populates the chosen template.

If none of the above options sound attractive, then the standardised templates would need to be stored somewhere else in an organised fashion, or a separate app would be necessary.

I think this should be discussed at an AAG meeting or mention it at OpenGov.Watch.


We’ve got some awesome updates to make your governance experience even smoother!

  1. Use GIFs and Videos to Show and Tell!
    Videos and personalised GIFs can now be simply embedded on Polkassembly. Clearly explain the situation, chuckle a little, and get everyone’s attention.

  2. Elevate Your Profile & Reputation!
    With our new profile features, you can see all of your conversations, mentions, and responses in one location.

  • Mentions: Pay attention to who brings you up in conversations.
  • Remarks: Easily retrieve your input into current conversations.
  • Reactions: Learn how other people are reacting to your remarks.
  1. Examine Proposals in More Detail!
    You can see all the vote statistics for each proposal with our new Referenda Analytics feature.
    See all the votes: Amounts, conviction, & who participated.
    Dig deeper: Analyze Aye/Nay, delegated/solo, & support %.
    Track trends: See how voting changes over time.
    Conviction details: Break down conviction by vote type (Aye/Nay/Abstain) and solo/delegated

Thanks @ltfschoen for bringing up this interesting idea about implementing Advanced Templates and a new text editor for Proposals and Referenda!

This would definitely improve the user experience for creating standardized content. The options you outlined, including using TinyMCE Professional or enhancing the OSN Rich Text Editor, are something we are actively looking into.

Thank you!

Polkassembly Updates for the month are here:

  1. Track level analytics : A detailed view into a track’s proposal history -
    a. Proposal Insights: Analyse total proposals, active proposals, & their weekly growth rate.
    b.Voting Trends: See conviction votes, total voting amount, participating accounts on key metrics like average turnout percentage, delegation split, & vote split.
    c.Delegation: Get a quick view of top delegators & delegatees.


  1. Search by Index : Find proposals in a flash using their index on Polkassembly.


  1. Wish for Change Track is now live on Polkassembly

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