Voting on Polkassembly

This video teaches you how to vote on Polkadot, Kusama, … using Polkassembly

We will continue releasing this kind of tutorials each Saturday :+1:


Sorry if a little off-topic, but where is the best place to keep up to date with the roadmap and plans from Polkassembly?

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Best way to check our roadmap is on our website.

Understanding the need for better UX, we are revamping the UI of multiple pages. Design links -

Treasury proposal page -

Proposal -

Motions -

Referenda -

Do let me know if your views on the new designs. And I agree that the governance system needs to be more approachable. We are internally brainstorming a few ideas around the same and would be more than happy to work on any idea that the polkadot team feels could help improve governance.

We will consolidate discussions on a single page and show users proposal history.


Fantastic video with very high production quality!

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Hello Shawn,
I am not a part of the Polkassembly team. I’m video editor for the Kusamarian, a YouTube channel created by Jay Chrawnna
We publish 6 videos/week
Mondays are for NFT videos written by Pnin
Tuesdays Csaint presents new Dotsama projects
Wednesdays Jay Chrawnna hosts live shows on Governance (starting next week)
On Thursdays, on top of my role as an editor, I write and make tutorials like this one below
On Fridays, a collective video retraces the news of the week (parachains, governance, news, NFTs)
and Saturdays are for interviews filmed by Jay.

My next tutorial will be on Polkadot Forum. This project seems great and is so useful :+1:

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Thank you Kevin, your message is encouraging. With the help of my old friend Indiko (the narrator) we try our best to make videos that can be appealing to watch
Here’s a link to the first two video tutorials we made:
PhalaWorld (Spirit NFT)
Dolphin (testnet de Calamari)

Sorry if also off-topic, but have I created this issue for you in the right repo? Dedicated page for runtime upgrade status · Issue #168 · Premiurly/polkassembly · GitHub