Polkassembly account fails to verify

gm all.

I have attempted to verify on-chain my polkassembly account multiple times and it constantly says ‘verification in process’. At some point I got a window that said ‘on-chain identity verification successful’ but when I left the success screen polkassembly still said ‘identity has not been set yet’.

So I go to set it, it says I need to ‘request judgement’ but when I go to request judgement it then says I haven’t started to the process.

I then tried to revoke the ID entirely and start over a few times, but every time I do this it says “this account has already set social verification” and to request judgement. When I go to request judgement it throws me again for the same loop of not having the ID set etc etc


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Hii @wheresaddie

we have fixed the issue ,you can now set your Onchain Identity .

Thank you

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still shows ‘transaction failed’ when I go to sign it despite the fact the dot is available/extracted from the wallet … “failed!”

same for everyone else on the team, the proposal ends today so its pretty problematic if we cant get the verification it causes a lot of hesitation @KanishkaRajputd @bill_w3f

here is the block explorer link to the most recent attempt