Polkadot Learning Experience in Latin America and Spain tailored to provide formal education for non-technical audiences


Elevating the Polkadot Learning Experience in Latin America and Spain by providing formal education tailored to non-technical audiences.


adLIB! is deeply committed to transforming the educational landscape in Latin America and Spain by making the “Blockchain by Polkadot” accessible to a wider audience. This ambitious initiative spans eight countries and integrates with the official curricula of five major universities.

The challenge at hand is the formidable entry barrier non-technical professionals face in understanding blockchain technology. Our solution is to leverage the academic environment of colleges and universities as a bridge, connecting non-technical individuals with blockchain technology and ensuring a comprehensive understanding of its applications and potential.

VERTICAL 1. Breaking Barriers for Non-Tech Professionals in Web3 Ecosystem

Our project’s primary objective is to break down the barriers that non-tech professionals face when trying to enter the Web3 industry.

Our mission extends beyond technical education; we aim to empower these stakeholders with a profound understanding of the transformative outcomes and burgeoning opportunities that Web3-native projects can offer to brands and businesses.

Our PROPOSAL specifically focuses on the development of Comprehensive Blockchain and AI Education Programs.

By creating a Postgraduate Program, a Diploma Course, and an Entrepreneurship program, we aim to equip the audience with significant alternatives of approach to their Blockchain and AI education.

We will establish partnerships with reputable universities in Latin America and Spain, starting with the University of Buenos Aires (UBA). These partnerships will allow us to leverage the academic expertise of these institutions and integrate our Web3 programs seamlessly into their existing educational frameworks.

The target audience for our programs is diverse, encompassing professionals from various sectors, particularly those with limited exposure or knowledge of technology, aiming to foster innovation and digital transformation in these fields.

The development of our content will be a collaborative effort in partnership with PBA. We aim to transform this knowledge into new formats that are not only accessible but also easily comprehensible for non-technical audiences, while providing a holistic understanding of the broader implications of Web3 technology. The mission includes empowering stakeholders in governance and leveraging existing human resources to enrich the learning experience.

VERTICAL 2: Empowering Alumni Program

At the heart of adLIB! is our Alumni Program, designed to unite and empower our graduates. We recognize the need to create a robust global model that not only builds upon our past successes but also ensures consistency and inclusivity across all aspects of our present and future programs.

This Empowering Alumni Program serves as a strategic umbrella encompassing both PBA Alumni and new postgraduates & new graduates from all our programs, fostering a strong sense of community and collaboration.

Furthermore, this program is not just a short-term initiative but a vital component of our long-term strategy. It operates in sync with our present PBA alumni strategy, working in tandem to provide a consistent and cohesive experience for all stakeholders.


As we look ahead to the future, our vision is set on a path of innovation and growth, guided by our commitment to leveraging the insights gained from the past two years of active participation and our unwavering belief in the potential of Polkadot to accomplish groundbreaking achievements.

Our programs, in synergy with Polkadot PBA, will serve as a catalyst and platform across Spanish-speaking countries, offering Polkadot a valuable opportunity to identify expansion prospects for future endeavors. This partnership will drive the ecosystem towards new realms of growth and innovation.

We are exploring several potential paths for further development. These include the introduction of an annual Pier-to-Pier program designed to function as an educational hub and idea incubator, offering practical guidance for non-technical groups within corporate settings.

Additionally, we are considering the implementation of an industry cluster-based program aimed at fostering collaboration and innovation within specific sectors.

Let’s continue together what we started!


Great initiative, Marina! I see this as an excellent opportunity to replicate the PBA experience on a local scale, particularly for spanish speaking students working on their thesis.


Awesome proposal Marina! It will be a great opportunity to expand the knowledge and skills that PBA has given us!


This approach is key to build and raise awareness of “Blockchain by Polkadot” among professionals with non-technical knowledge and also provides a development and incubation space for Alumni. Looking forward to see its implementation!


I have been present in some of the events @marina_adlib and her team have organized for the ecosystem in past occasions.
Adlib is fully capable of delivering what is presented in this post. Loaded with a strong network and incredible creativity they are ready to yield a solid stream of enthusiastic individuals willing to contribute and engage with Polkadot in different ways. I am equally sure they will carry forward the awareness of this tech among the different Spanish speaking communities.


Love it! Would be interested to learn more - where can I best contact you @marina_adlib ?


Great idea, Marina! It’s really going to help us build on what we’ve learned at PBA. ¡Gracias!


With the PBA, we’ve worked with Marina and Adlib! to produce the PBA wave 2 in Buenos Aires and recent PBA alumni events and have been impressed by the quality of their execution. We are supportive of this proposal and excited about having our content used to scale Blockchain education and adoption among non technical audience and with a clear focus on Spanish speaking audience and LATAM.


Love the initiative! I think it is important to expand knowledge to the business side, not just on a technical POV. Leveraging academic partnerships will be a great way to maximize impact.

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Excellent proposal! designed for Spanish-speaking professionals. Currently, there is a constant need to evolve technical skills to remain competitive in the job market.

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Great initiative! Very excited to see this implementation!

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