Building and Nurturing the Polkadot Ecosystem in Romania and Republic of Moldavia

This project aims to build and nurture the Polkadot ecosystem in Romania and Republic of Moldavia by organizing a set of technical workshops and networking events in all the major Universities and Technical Campuses of the two countires, opening up potential collaborations with the universities on integrating Web3 and Polkadot tech stack in their curriculum, creating a dedicated website, publishing relevant content in local language, running marketing and community building campaigns, and managing an active community of Polkadot blockchain builders. The project will span over 12 months and will include all the major cities of Romania and Republic of Moldavia (e.g. Bucharest, Iasi, Cluj, Timisoara, Chisinau).

Who we are
Comets of Web3 is the biggest Blockchain Builders Community in Romania, delivering education, connections, and opportunities to help Web 3 projects grow. We have started from Romania, seeking to raise a community of over 10,000 blockchain builders, and our goal is to expand to incorporate the entire Eastern Europe, becoming one of the strongest voices in the Blockchain Builders industry.

Comets of Web 3 is the product of friendships and a team dedicated to empowering builders and creating opportunities in the blockchain industry.

Our founding team has led some of the most influential blockchain ecosystems in the world before starting Comets of Web3.

The Polkadot ecosystem and technical stack is currently not well-known and adopted in Eastern Europe Blockchain Community, particularly in Romania and Moldova.

Comets of Web3, is proposing a 12-month project to introduce and promote the Polkadot ecosystem and stack in Romania and the Republic of Moldova.

Comets of Web3 will organize a series of educational workshops, networking events, and online resources in local language to raise awareness and educate students, developers, and entrepreneurs about the capabilities of Polkadot. We’ll focus on promoting the Substrate and XCM capabilities for building custom parachains and dapps and the overall opportunities on building on the Polkadot Ecosystem.

Project KPIs:
By developing a skilled Polkadot workforce and increasing developer adoption of Polkadot technologies, the project seeks to establish Eastern Europe as a hub for Polkadot-related development and innovation. The initiative will achieve this through:

  • over 400 new students that are aware of Polkadot Ecosystem capabilities, onboarding, and on-chain deployment process
  • 5 Universities and Technical Campuses that we are collaborating with for the integration of the web3 technologies and Polkadot technical stack in their curriculum
  • 12 Polkadot technical workshops and networking events in all major Romanian and Moldavian Universities and Technical Campuses
  • 2 countries from Eastern Europe where Polkadot Ecosystem has expanded its technical footprint
  • 1 online active presence through dedicated social media servers (e.g. Telegram, Discord) and website for the Polkadot Romania and Moldavia community
  • Regular resources and updates about Polkadot Ecosystem published in local language across the platforms
  • 12 targeted marketing and community building campaigns
  • Active in person and online regional community supported
  • 1 strong partnership built between Polkadot Ecosystem and Comets of Web3 Blockchain Builders Community for supporting and expanding the ecosystem in the Eastern Europe Community

Expected Outcome:

  • Increased awareness and adoption of Polkadot in Romania and Moldova.
  • Creation of a skilled workforce capable of developing on Polkadot.
  • Establishment of Eastern Europe as a hub for Polkadot-related development and innovation.

Ecosystem Fit

  • Ecosystem Niche: This project serves as an on-ramp for students with technical experience and interest, developers and entrepreneurs from Romania and Moldavia to enter the Polkadot ecosystem. We aim to build a regional hub for Polkadot development and innovation.
  • Target Audience: Our primary audience includes students with technical experience and interest, blockchain developers, aspiring entrepreneurs, blockchain enthusiasts, and Universities interested in Web3 technologies and Polkadot ecosystem.
  • Needs Addressed: The project addresses the need for regional awareness, education, and resources specifically tailored for Polkadot Ecosystem growth in Romania and Moldavia.
  • Similar Projects: While there are educational initiatives for Polkadot globally, none focus specifically on Eastern Europe. We aim to bridge this gap and create a regionalized approach.

Our team consists of experienced professionals from various fields including blockchain ecosystems, IT, business development, community management, marketing strategy, and more. We also have a community of over 400 active educators, engineers, validators, DAO experts, business developers, security auditors, and more, ready to help and get engaged in the project.

Team Members

  • Daiana M., Team Leader, ex-Ecosystem Projects Lead @ Interchain Foundation, Founder @ Comets of Web3
  • Emmanuel Norbert T., ex-Parity Bridges Senior Project Manager, Trainer
  • Daniel M. , Project Manager
  • Ioana S., Community & Social Media Specialist
  • Corina S., Marketing & PR Specialist