[Paso Libre] - W3F Funding Program Application

Greetings, everyone! This initiative is pursuing funding through the ‘Decentralized Futures’ program organized by the Web3 Foundation. As a prerequisite for our application, we’re sharing our ideas first here in this forum. Below, I’d like to outline my plans to help foster the growth of the Polkadot ecosystem.


The goal is to engage with a Spanish-speaking audience unfamiliar with this technology by focusing on accessible, non-technical content. This includes discussions on decentralization’s significance and related topics that could influence our social interactions and our digital experiences in the future.


I aim to create an engaging web platform that offers Spanish-language content about Polkadot, blockchain, and Web3, making information accessible and engaging for people in the region while establishing a fresh channel to raise awareness about this technology.

Main Objectives

  • I intend to create written content that explores the benefits of decentralization, self-custody, emerging funding methods, collective organizations, and other pertinent topics related to the ongoing projects being developed on Polkadot.

  • Highlighting Polkadot’s features and solutions from teams creating in the ecosystem.

  • Provide a greater emphasis on content that isn’t overly technical. Showcase practical cases and future visions, such as voting, identity and asset tokenization.

  • Expand the Polkadot community to the Spanish-speaking audience and raise awareness of this technology among a broader audience in the region.

Long-term goals hinge on our reach

  • Establish a local community and aim to expand it throughout the region.

  • Deliver presentations on Polkadot at universities and to other interested groups.

  • Coordinate workshops in collaboration with fellow community members.

  • Drive projects using the technology and explore new ways of funding.

Identifying the Problems

  • People have heard about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies but are unaware of the profound impact of the underlying technology.

  • Lack of awareness regarding aspects of blockchain beyond trading.

  • There is a lot of technical information and little showcasing of practical cases illustrating what the technology is solving.

  • The technological entry barrier - to participate, certain steps need to be followed, but they are often not described clearly.

  • A segment holds the widespread belief that cryptocurrencies and NFTs are part of a new scam.

  • The most relevant and up-to-date content is generally available in English.


Under the name ‘Paso Libre,’ the proposal is to create a website and a Twitter account that publishes and disseminates content in Spanish about Polkadot, blockchain, and Web3.


The website provides a unified space where all the content is gathered and categorized, enabling people to visit and discover us organically through search engines.

We have control over what can be highlighted and advertised, unlike other blogging platforms where we could publish content.

We can help boost the content through various online advertising channels.

Twitter (X)

The Twitter (X) account complements the content on the website by sharing articles and posting more concise, sporadic updates. Moreover, it is the most effective way to engage with the broader community.

Content Creation

I propose creating 2 articles per week. The process of researching, writing, and presenting content can take me about 3 days, depending on its complexity.


This is a tentative homepage; clicking the first image should redirect you to an article page.

Figma link:


Examples of articles i have written in the past venturing into this idea:


I have posted on the Twitter account @paso_libre, where you can see my intentions.

Who I Am

My name is Allan Koryzma, and I reside in Chile, South America. I have over 12 years of experience as a frontend developer and UI/UX designer. During this time, I had the opportunity to establish and lead my own business with a couple of partners for 5 years. In 2021, I began researching Bitcoin with the intention of investing. At some point, the concept of blockchain resonated deeply with me, which led me to research more about this topic. In that process, I discovered that Polkadot and its culture aligned best with my vision. Since then, I’ve been immensely enthusiastic about the project and its ecosystem.


This initiative seeks funding for the full development of the website and the monthly costs that are associated with publishing content regularly and managing updates for both the website and the Twitter (X) account. Ideally, a small portion of this funding would be allocated to services, such as Twitter premium, Midjourney, and advertising, to help us produce content and expand our reach.


I’m completely open to suggestions and exploring various options. The possibility of getting involved in the ecosystem excites me a lot, and I hope the opportunity arises to fully focus on this idea.