Participation in Polkadot community calls

How do we join Polkadot community calls, like the recent one at Polkadot Community Call - August 2022 - YouTube ? More generally, what is our primary point of contact for ecosystem activities like this? The full list of opportunities would help. Thanks!

Hi @denchik The Monthly Polkadot Community is hosted by our Social Media team. If you wish to participate, please reach out to them at, they will be able to assist you directly and provide you a spot for that month. (please note, spots are subject to availability)

Here is a list of upcoming events:

Sept 22nd: Messari Mainnet - side vent host by Parity
Sept 26th: Token 2049 Singapore - Parachain side event
Sept 28-29: Token 2049 Singapore
Nov. 3rd: Polkadot Summit host by Astar, during SF Blockchain Week. If you would like a speaking opportunity, please apply here.
Nov 28 - 29th: Sub0 - Polkadot Developer Conference, Lisbon

We are also working on our 2023 initiatives, hopefully, we’ll be able to share more details soon.

If you have any ecosystem marketing inquiries, I can be your primary point of contact. You can reach me at or directly if you have any questions. I hope these helps! :slight_smile: