Nomination Pools Integration

This is to give a brief heads up to our ecosystem, particularly wallets and UIs that we will propose enablement of Nomination Pools on Polkadot around the enactment of runtime 9290 (release 9.29), which to the best of my knowledge would be around mid/late November.

Some UIs such as the Staking Dashboard, Polkadot JS Plus, and to some extend the classic Polkadot JS Apps already support the pools. Nonetheless, there is opportunity here for attracting users who wish to join nomination pools through your wallet/UI. Given the current status of the Polkadot staking system, we know there there are going to be tens of thousands of nominators who will have to informed about joining pools (because they are not fully active as a nominator) and they will then need an easy path to do so. Both of this, can potentially be through any wallet that the users use.

I have explained some of the details of integrating nomination pools in this document, which I have shared with some of the wallets in the past.

A next step that’s WIP about Pools release is implementing Fast Unstake Pallet by kianenigma · Pull Request #12129 · paritytech/substrate · GitHub, which helps some nominators (namely the one’s that are actually not active) swiftly migrate from being an inactive nominator to a pool.


Where to get Polkadot js Plus? here

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