New Proposal: Qsign.Real-world Applications of Web 3 Technology in Traditional Companies

Greetings, my dear Polkadot community!

We are delighted to present our project Q-sign.

Since 2020, StampyMail from its subsidiary Open4Blockchain has been developing blockchain solutions, working for major companies such as Porsche, RCD Espanyol, and even integrations for banking applications connected to web3.

All this expertise has led us to understand that the success of integrating blockchain into the daily operations of companies involves addressing their traditional needs, adding value through technology, and not trying to push potential clients into a world they are unfamiliar with.

Therefore, we want to introduce this project that could represent a turning point in certification technology.

Q SIGN: Revolutionizing secure document signing with blockchain technology

The Q SIGN project aims to develop a highly secure technology that enables the safe signing of documents, invoices, or emails through digital certificates and a QR code. This innovation is designed to facilitate instant and secure signing via mobile phones, addressing and overcoming the limitations of current market solutions that use keys, which are susceptible to forgery and not considered reliable evidence in legal disputes. Adopting the digital certificate as a signing method will provide security, eliminate the vulnerability associated with email, and ensure the irrefutability of signature authenticity in legal situations.

Key features and advantages

1. Superior security with blockchain: Q SIGN utilizes blockchain technology for chain-level and storage as well as user encryption and authentication. This ensures zero-knowledge in documents, maintaining the highest level of security and privacy. The inherent features of blockchain, such as immutability and decentralization, provide an unbreakable layer of security that traditional methods cannot offer.

2. Overcoming market limitations: Current market solutions often use methods that are susceptible to security breaches and do not hold up in legal contexts. By using digital certificates, Q SIGN eliminates these vulnerabilities, providing a secure and legally robust method for document signing. This ensures that each signature is authentic and irrefutable.

3. Facilitating mass adoption: One of the main goals of blockchain ecosystems is mass market adoption. However, the general market is not familiar with web3 tools. Q SIGN aims to bridge this gap by creating simple interfaces that allow users to leverage the benefits of blockchain technology without needing extensive technical knowledge. This ease of use is crucial for widespread adoption.

4. Addressing real problems: Many blockchain projects fail because they attempt to solve non-existent or insignificant problems for users. Q SIGN focuses on solving real problems faced by companies and individuals, ensuring higher adoption rates by providing practical and necessary solutions. Polkadot can position itself as a benchmark in security and certification applications.

5. A platform for future development: Q SIGN is not just a standalone tool; it is a platform for future growth and innovation. By offering a comprehensive interface for users to sign documents with digital certificates, it enables the creation of integrated business models. Additionally, it provides an API system and open-source code, allowing developers to integrate this technology into their own applications, creating new functionalities and expanding the Polkadot ecosystem.

6. Connecting traditional and web3 worlds : Q SIGN aims to bridge the gap between the traditional business world and the emerging web3 space. It provides users with tools to sign any document or communication with legal validity, using Polkadot technology in a simple and intuitive way.

7. Legal validation and support: The project has validation, audits, and support from certified judicial experts approved by the European market. This approval elevates the legal validity of the tool above any existing signing solution, positioning Q SIGN as the first blockchain document signing platform with direct legal acceptance.

Q SIGN will be an open-source project, promoting transparency, collaboration, and innovation. By making the source code available, we invite developers from all around the world to contribute, integrate, and expand the capabilities of the tool, ensuring it evolves and adapts to meet diverse needs and scenarios.

We are ready to revolutionize secure document signing by leveraging blockchain technology, offering unparalleled security, practical solutions to real problems, and promoting mass adoption through easy-to-use interfaces. With the added advantage of being open-source, Q SIGN is poised to become the cornerstone of digital signing solutions, merging traditional methods with the future of web3 technology.

We believe that Polkadot, with its unwavering community support, will not only increase the use of its chain but also create a pillar of support for new certification projects that can potentially change the current market.

We are at your disposal to answer any questions that may arise and continue to support the ecosystem based on what companies demand.